The Eldridge Conspiracy – Sir Kaye the Boy Knight

The Eldridge Conspiracy - Sir Kaye the Boy Knight

The Eldridge Conspiracy – Sir Kaye the Boy Knight

My boys just finished reading this book and they absolutely loved it! They liked that each of them could find something in common with Sir Kaye. For Aaron it was that Sir Kaye is always trying to be like his dad. And Diego liked Kaye’s friendship with Reggie and Beau. Every character in the book is relatable and life like. My son Diego has a great love for reading like I do. Aaron however is a bit of a reluctant reader. However once he started reading this book he could not put it down. It’s full of adventure and suspense which he absolutely loved! Even though this is the fourth book in the series neither of them felt that they needed to read the other three to understand what was going on. Now that they have finished the book, they definitely want to go back and read the previous three.

The Eldridge Conspiracy - Sir Kaye the Boy Knight About The Book

Kaye’s father is in danger! The young Knight, Kaye, and his friends Reggie, and Beau enter Eldridge in search of the only man who can save his father. During their journey they encounter and make a powerful enemy of Baron Thomas—the self-proclaimed heir to the throne of Eldridge—who also has his sights set on ruling the country of Knox. Together, the boys dodge the baron’s henchmen and race against time to stop an assassination that would plunge the two kingdoms into war in this exciting conclusion to the series.

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Books in the Sir Kaye The Boy Knight Series:

The Knighting of Sir Kaye

The Lost Castle Treasure

Legend of the Forest Beast

The Eldridge Conspiracy

About the Author

Don M. Winn is the multi-award-winning author of eleven picture books and four children’s novels—The Knighting of Sir Kaye, The Lost Castle Treasure, Legend of the Forest Beast, and The Eldridge Conspiracy. Don’s picture books include The Higgledy-Piggledy Pigeon; Superhero; Twitch the Squirrel and the Forbidden Bridge; Shelby the Cat; Space Cop Zack, Protector of the Galaxy; and many others.

Parents and educators know that when stories are fun and engaging, kids spend more time reading. But what if the books you choose for your children or students not only entertain but also teach? Imagine finding stories that combine the life lessons of Aesop’s Fables with the appealing characters and compelling adventures of beloved classics. Don Winn’s award-winning picture books are just such a find.

Don Winn’s Sir Kaye the Boy Knight series, starring the young knight Sir Kaye Balfour, is full of fun, exciting adventures that appeal to even the most reluctant reader. Kaye’s beloved but absent father is his inspiration, and he strives to meet challenges with the values his chivalrous father taught him. His best pal, Reggie, who is dyslexic and also struggles with low self-esteem, often surprises himself by his ability to make meaningful contributions to those around him. The Sir Kaye series is unique because it features characters learning to meet life’s challenges without magic or superpowers. These young heroes deal with internal questions and uncertainty as they work through the events they face, and each one finds his own way. The books are fun and enjoyed by any reader, but they are particular favorites of kids who need heroes dealing with difficulties like their own: dyslexia, learning challenges, absentee parents, being targets of bullying, or struggling with low self-esteem.

Don has been writing for over 20 years. A dyslexic reader and writer himself, Don works tirelessly to encourage struggling young readers to embrace their love of stories and to keep on reading!

Don Winn lives in Round Rock, Texas with his wife. 

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