Fire & Ice Therapy Packs Review & Giveaway

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When I have migraines I find relief in cold compresses. That’s why I wanted to give these Fire & Ice Therapy Packs a try! They have worked wonders. Even with my littles who get bumps and bruises because these have worked great! I love that I can pop them in the microwave for a hot pack whenever needed. Or freeze them for an Ice pack. I love that I don’t have to worry about wrapping them in something thanks to the soft backing they have. 

For my migraines I have some in the fridge so they’re cold but not frozen. I place them over my eyes to relief some of the pain but it’s behind my neck where it really relieves the tension.

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Product Description

  • COOL RELIEF ­ Soothe shoulder pain, bruised and scraped knees, boo boos, tired eyes, a persistent sinus headache, a swelling wrist or ankle, tender cheeks after wisdom teeth surgery and so much more
  • THERMAL THERAPY ­ Whether you need a cold or hot hand warmer or warm compression for an overworked sore muscle, Fire & Ice Hot Cold Packs provide fast, convenient warmth after a zap in the microwave, or cooled for plantar fasciitis
  • KEEPING IT COOL ­ Fire & Ice Hot and Cold Packs also make great freezer packs for coolers and lunch bags and boxes, keeping your food chilled until you’re ready to eat or for
  • SOOTHING GEL ­ Each pack is filled with our magic gel solution which can easily freeze or quickly heat up for all your at home nursing needs, whether it’s a kid or grandchildren with a black eye or a hurt knee
  • SOFT CLOTH BACKING ­ Fire & Ice packs have a soft touch cloth backing that eliminates the need for using a towel when the pack gets too hot or is too cold for direct skin contact

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