Crafty Croc Adds Fun To Our Summer @CraftyCrocArt @SMGurusNetwork

Crafty Croc Adds Fun To Our Summer

Crafty Croc Adds Fun To Our Summer

Whenever a new season starts and of course on every holiday I let my boys decorate the windows in our home by drawing on them using markers from Crafty Croc. For Christmas they drew Christmas trees and presents. For Valentine’s Day they drew hearts. For St. Patrick’s day they drew pots of gold. And they were very patriotic for the 4th of July.  

We have been using Crafty Croc products since 2014. It’s a brand that we stand behind. All the products we’ve tried have been of the best quality. The best of all is that they’ve also been huge hits with the boys!

Crafty Croc Adds Fun To Our Summer

I love that because the markers are chalk they wipe off easily on so many different surfaces. Great, right. I love all the great colors that Crafty Croc Markers come in. And another feature of the markers I loved is that the tips are reversible so you can have a chisel tip or a round tip! And we’ve always received 2 extra tips in the box as well.

As you may know I am a huge fan of coloring and have several coloring books where I use Crafty Croc’s gel pens.

Crafty Croc Adds Fun To Our Summer


I love to color at the end of the day to wind down, and these gel pens are perfect for that. In the summer I get to use my Crafty Croc gel pens tons! Thanks to the fact that I’m not rushing everywhere, I have more time to color. This is definitely my favorite set because it has got to be the most complete set I have. It brings many colors including neon and pastels.

I really like that right out of the package the ink flows smoothly. Even the glittery ones  great. Glitter in pens are notorious for clogging and skipping while writing/drawing. But I never have that issue with my Crafty Croc’s gel pens. I also like that the colors were vivid and intense. The package gives you 96 unique pens: same colors, but different hues/shades like regular, glitter, neon, pastel. I’m beyond thrilled at the quality of this set!

Crafty Croc even has t-shirts. They come in a variety of colors and the sayings are cute. I received one of their t-shirts just in time to wear on St. Patrick’s Day.

Crafty Croc Adds Fun To Our Summer

I love how it’s is super soft and the stitching as well as the material is of great quality! Both the length of the sleeves and the tee itself is also great. Everything about the tee is absolutely perfect, I wear it all the time! Because it’s so lightweight it’s the perfect summer tee. 

It’s super cute right? I love it! So now you know why I really like all of the Crafty Croc products I have tried. And how I get to enjoy them more during the summer. Crafty Croc is a brand that not only I like but one that I highly recommend to everyone. Visit them and take a look at all they offer!

Crafty Croc Adds Fun To Our Summer

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