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Activities, Games & Puzzles Care Package Unboxing

Activities, Games & Puzzles Care Package Unboxing

My boys are finally out of school! I always have a special surprise for their last day. This year that surprise is the Activities, Games & Puzzles Care Package. This is a great care package for kids! It had lots of great games that are fun year round yet perfect for summer vacation.

When our Activities, Games & Puzzles Care Package came I had Matias unbox it with me since he was done with school a whole week before my other two boys. Let me show you what we found inside.

The first thing we found was the Roll-A-Shot.

This is a fun game that’s perfect for on the go fun. It’s a plastic see thru ball that inside has a small “basketball” and hoop. The object of the game is to make the shots by rolling the outer ball. You should definitely take a look at our unboxing video here to see it in action. It’s actually harder than it seems but so much fun!

Activities, Games & Puzzles Care Package Unboxing

We also pulled out a Soduku Puzzles book, a Puzzle Pack, a Word-Find book, and a Paddle Ball.

This is definitely my chance at trying out Soduku! I have never tried it out, honestly I am not sure how to start. But I know this book will give me a great chance to try it out. It’s a good size to carry around in my bag or in the car. So I can use it whenever I get a spare moment.

We all know how to use a paddle ball and this has kept my boys busy for hours at a time trying to break their own records.

The puzzle is a very cute clown puzzle with vibrant colors ,that have pieces perfect in size for little hands. My 6 year old loves to put it together, take it apart, and do it again.

Word-Finds have always been a favorite of mine, so much that I even have an app of one on my phone. This book that re received is a large print copy, so it’s perfect even for when Grammy comes over.

This is the Pocket Travel Tic-Tac-Toe.

Activities, Games & Puzzles Care Package Unboxing

All three of my boys are big Tic-Tac-Toe fans and pay with whatever they find while on the road. This game makes it easy to travel and play.

This is the Catch Ball.

Activities, Games & Puzzles Care Package Unboxing

This is a very paddle catch and toss game set. This game is perfect for playing at the beach, playground and the backyard. It comes with 2 paddles and 1 ball. The straps on the paddles are  adjustable. Which makes this fun for both child or adult.
The ball is a small and light child friendly ball.

This is Tumble Tower.

Activities, Games & Puzzles Care Package Unboxing

Which is a stacking wood block game. The blocks are smooth pieces of solid wood. This game is a smaller version of the very popular stacking game Jenga. To play the game players take turns removing one block at a time from any level and stacking it on top of the tower. To win, be the last person to stack a block on top without making the tower tumble. This is a great family game and good for all ages so even the smallest ones can get in on the action.

This is a deck of Pocket Travel mini cards.

Activities, Games & Puzzles Care Package Unboxing

This is a full deck of 52 cards plus 2 Jokers. They are miniature playing cards that are designed to fit easily in your purse or pocket so you can take these cards anywhere! I really like that they come in a clear plastic case.

Also included was a gameboard of Checkers.

Activities, Games & Puzzles Care Package Unboxing

The game board is thin and comes folded in half to make traveling with it easy. The checkers are made from plastic, and are also great in size. My boys are quite good at this game and enjoy it. I like that it has given us some enjoyable hours together that don’t involve TV or other electronics. As with all the games in this care package.

I believe this is a great package to send to any family, since it brings something for everyone. Why not celebrate the start of Summer Vacation and send this Activities, Games & Puzzles Care Package to someone you love!

Activities, Games & Puzzles Care Package Unboxing

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