Phytopia Stretch Marks Remover Review

phytopia stretch marks remover review

Phytopia Stretch Marks Remover Review

After having three babies and losing weight I have a lot of stretch marks. Honestly there is no way to completely remove stretch marks. However you can lighten them, and with the right product you can lighten them so much you can hardly see them. I have tried several products to help lighten the stretch marks on my stomach. Some have worked and other haven’t. Today I am going to tell you about Phytopia. This is an oil that helps with stretch marks.

I really like this stretch marks remover by Phytoopia. It is light and easily absorbed. I usually put it on after my night shower and by the time I go to put on my pj’s it has already absorbed. I also like that it doesn’t leave a sticky or oily residue. I like that it has a light subtle scent to it. It also dispenses great, all you have to do is hold the bottle upside down and it will fall out. I also like that I don’t have to use much since a little goes a long way. I have only been using it a little over a month and I have noticed that my stretch marks have lightened up. I will continue to use it and will let you know how it goes.

phytopia stretch marks remover review

About the product

✮ REJUVENATE TO SMOOTH AND RESILIENT SKIN: Stretch Mark Remover, with Neroli, Petitgrain and Mandarin Oil lying at the heart of our formula, works to penetrate deep into the skin to visibly diminish the appearance of your stretch marks and fine lines on your belly left from pregnancy.
✮ IMPROVES UNEVEN SKIN TONE AND SCARS: Phytopia created the perfect stretch mark synergy blend to keep your skin constantly hydrated, toned and to enhance elasticity of the skin to prevent the formation of unpleasant lines caused by pregnancy. Stretch Mark Remover can make visible improvements with scar removal and formation.
✮ MOISTURIZES SKIN AND PREVENTS WRINKLES: Stretch Mark Remover halts the formation of wrinkles caused by dry skin. The blend melts into the skin to deliver moisture and luminosity to revitalize the skin, activating skin repair and accelerating wound healing so your stretch marks are less obvious. It allows your skin to be rejuvenated with each use, helping you maintain ageless radiance.
✮ 100% ORGANIC AND THERAPEUTIC GRADE: At Phytopia, when it comes to the quality of our products, we don’t mess around. We only use top-grade organic and therapeutic ingredients to create the perfect blend so that your skin can safely absorb the benefits of Stretch Mark Remover without any unwanted reactions. 

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