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B G Martin Luxury dog beds

Your Furry Valentine’s Perfect Gift! B&G Martin Luxury Dog Beds.

If you’re like me then you absolutely love your little furry valentines! For every holiday but especially for Valentine’s Day my fur baby gets his own little gift! While looking for the perfect gift for our little Chewy (yes, it’s short for Chewbacca) I came across B & G Martin and their exquisite collection of plush dog beds. One of the things that I immediately loved about them is that For every B & G Martin dog bed purchased, a dog in need will be spayed or neutered with the proceeds. 

B & G Martin is a leading brand among the high-end dog product industry, they are bringing luxurious yet practical dog beds and linens to dogs and their human companions. For me B & G Martin is the perfect gift to treat my precious pooch on Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day Pamper your pooch with B&G Martin Luxury Dog Beds!

We consider pets as part of the family. If you do too then, this Valentine’s Day spoil your canine companion with the B & G Martin luxury dog bed they deserve. Not only will it make them drool, these premium plush beds are made from the best (and sustainable) materials like animal-friendly faux leather and eco-friendly poly fill. Your pup won’t be able to keep their paws off these comfy cushions – and to top it all off they are easy to clean!

With Valentine’s Day and Spring just around the corner, B & G Martin’s fashionable, yet sturdy dog beds make the perfect gift for your special furry valentine, plus they’re built to last when Fido comes back inside for a nap from playing in the mud.

B G Martin luxury dog beds

Here are some reasons B & G Martin dog beds are the paw-fect choice for your home:

  • Buy a bed, help a pup: Every time a dog bed is purchased, a pup in need will be spayed or neutered with the proceeds going toward the cause of reducing pet overpopulation worldwide. Each time an accessory, like fitted linen, is bought a pooch receives a crucial vaccine that prevents harmful diseases such as rabies or parvo. 
  • Fashion Forward: These luxury beds put the “wag” in swag and will fit perfectly into any home decor with its trendy design. 
  • Fetch-Tested and Approved: Made from durable materials, B & G Martin dog beds will be giving your pup comfort for years to come. 
  • Fur-ever Cruelty-Free: Not only are B & G Martin dog beds made from recycled materials, they are thoughtful of our furry friends. With a strict policy against using animal products, they make the promise to never use leather, wool, goose down or feathers, and fur. As a company, they deeply believe that no animal should suffer for the comfort of another.

Man’s best friend can enjoy B & G Martin dog bed at high-end hotels, including Five Star and Five Diamond Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills and several other pet-friendly establishments!

B G Martin Logo

Founded in 2013 by Creative Director, Tamra Martin, B & G Martin was named after Tamra’s two very special canine companions, Butch and Gus. Butch, her first dog as an adult, and Gus, a foster who became a part of the family, opened Tamra’s heart by showing her the incredible relationship that’s possible between people and dogs. B & G Martin specializes in providing eco-friendly, luxurious linens and beds for dogs as well as designing custom dog beds for high-end hotels such as the Five Star, Five Diamond Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. B & G Martin is passionate about reducing dog overpopulation and contributing to the well-being of dogs worldwide.

Find out more about B & G Martin by visiting their website. Also follow them on Facebook and Twitter


  1. Kelly O

    These are really cool. I have seen the cushion beds before but I haven’t seen the bases that they have. I love that! My bed has been sleeping in a little puppy playpen which has worked great. Now that he is grown up I want to get him something that is more comfortable. These look amazing.

  2. Rebecca Kerchner-Love

    I could spend all day going through this page. Thank you for all the amazing ideas and giveaways

  3. Lynne B

    Another company that give back! I love it! Spaying your pets is one of the biggest ways to love them.

  4. Cheryl Everitt

    B & G Martin dog beds sounds like they have the one for our furry friend. Eco-friendly and American made.

  5. janie vezina

    so cute, whats the weight limit?

  6. Linda Manns Linneman

    This doggie bed sounds so nice. It looks very soft and comfy. I love that it is made in the USA. Thank you so much for sharing


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