Celebrating The New Year When You Have Kids

celebrating the new year when you have kids

Tips For Celebrating The New Year When You Have Kids

We always celebrate the New Year with our boys. Even if that means that they’re in bed sleeping while we count down. At midnight we kiss goodnight and then we go kiss them. This year will be a little different because two of my boys are old enough to make it to midnight. How do you celebrate the new year with your kiddos?

Here are fun tips from Mommy’s Time Out Wine for celebrating the new year when you have kids.

Enjoying the New Year when you have children brings a new host of challenges, especially if you’re a newer parent.  The makers of Mommy’s Time Out Wine understand and have offered the following ideas:

celebrating the new year when you have kids

Keep it Simple; Celebrate at Home:

Being a parent is stressful enough, but combine it with trying to compete for a babysitter and staying out late only to get up early.  This only adds to the pressure. Try celebrating with a nice family dinner and put the kids to bed with their usual routine so you and your spouse can snuggle in front of the TV with some special late night treats.

To avoid the morning-after champagne headache, why not enjoy just a glass or two of wine with some late night snacks like an imported cheese and some fresh fruit?  Mommy can enjoy a glass of Mommy’s Time Out® wine, while Dad can indulge in a glass of Dad’s Day Off® Chianti!  At a suggested retail of just about $10 per bottle, your celebration won’t break the bank like expensive champagne.

Make Some Family Memories:

New Year’s Day is a great day to make some family memories that will last a lifetime. Try taking a family photo with someone holding up a sign with the year.  It’s also a great day to measure everyone against the door jam, so they can look back at their growth in years to come. 

Set Goals:

Get the whole family involved in goal setting.  Have everyone share a goal for the coming year and brainstorm as a family the steps you can take to make that goal a reality.  Find ways to reward one another along the way and remember to check in over dinner once a month to keep those goals front and center!  This is a great way to forge family cooperation and show the kids how to accomplish something as a team.

Look Back & Count Your Blessings:

While looking to the future is great, take time to look back on the year and count your blessings. Remind each other and your children of all the good things that happened, and teach your family how to appreciate what they have. One way to do this is to ask each family member to write down three things they were thankful for in 2016 and share them over dinner on New Year’s Eve.  Keeping them in a scrapbook and looking at them every few years will also serve as a reminder of what’s truly important.

Mommy's Time Out Wine

About Mommy’s Time Out Wine

Mommy’s Time Out features four varieties including Mommy’s Time Out Garganega Pinot Grigio, Mommy’s Time Out Moscato, Mommy’s Time Out Delicious Red and Mommy’s Time Out Delicious Pink. 

All are made from grapes grown in Italy and have wonderful fruity undertones.  All the wines are fresh, fruity and well balanced, and are delicious for sipping with snacks or to complement a meal.

Mommy’s Time Out comes in 750-mL and 1.5-L sizes.  The suggested retail price for the 750-ml is $9.99 per bottle. For the 1.5L, (Mommy’s Time Out Garganega Pinot Grigio only) the suggested retail is $18.99 per bottle. Adults over the age of 21 should enjoy Mommy’s Time Out responsibly.

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For more information on Mommy’s Time Out please visit the Mommy’s Time Out Website. Get social with them on Facebook.

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  1. Linda Manns Linneman

    Great article. We always stay home at New Year with the family. Thank you so much for sharing these suggestions. God Bless


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