Christmas Reindeer Food 2016 Kids Holiday Gift Idea

Christmas Reindeer Food Kids Gift Idea

Christmas Reindeer Food Paperback by Nicole Antoinette


I have mentioned many times this season how I try to make Christmas magical for my boys. Christmas Reindeer Food by Nicole Antoinette is a story that helps in that department. It’s a story that my youngest (5 yrs old) really related to. In this book 8-year-old Honey becomes worried about the reindeer running out of stamina with all their travels. So her mom shows her how to make a special treat for the reindeer. 

I love that this book includes a STEAM activity for some educational holiday fun! It is such a fun book and we absolutely love it! 

Available to buy from …

Walmart / Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Available in Spanish titled El Reno y La Cena de Navidad! I am definitely going to have to order it in Spanish as well!

About The Book…

On a cold winter day, while looking out the window, 8-year-old Honey becomes curious about how reindeer fly. She tells her father she doesn’t understand how animals (other than birds) can fly, and he tells her she’ll discover the secret if she uses her imagination.

Honey’s curiosity turns into fear, as she begins to worry about the reindeer traveling to all the homes in the world on Christmas Eve. “What if the reindeer get hungry on the way and they need more food to finish deliveries? What if the snow is too heavy and the reindeer can’t see our home? What if…”

To calm her down, Honey’s mother shows her how to mix special ingredients together for a festive Reindeer Treat to guide them! And now Honey is ready to share her secret with you through a STEAM activity included in this book, along with other activities for educational holiday fun. #steamactivitiesincluded

About The Author…

Nicole Antoinette wrote Christmas Reindeer Food on December 25, 2005. Ten years later she released the book on January 1, 2016.

As a book publisher and author, Nicole Antoinette owns and manages Faith Books & MORE Publishing. She is well known for her leading efforts to publish work by multicultural writers as ‘A Catalyst for Change.’ 

She believes writers have an obligation to preserve their thoughts, experiences, creativity, and most importantly, their faith in print, as well as through other forms of media.

Christmas Reindeer Food is the first of many children’s books to be published by Nicole Antoinette. To date, Nicole Antoinette has published seven of her books, with over twenty books in various forms of the writing and publishing process.

Learn More About Christmas Reindeer Food on the Book Website and on Facebook.

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