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Fall means pests are on the move! Is your house their next stop?


The cooler temperatures that come in the fall season make pests look for warmth. That to me is scary because I tend to have a big spider issue in the fall. I am going to tell you that I send my hunny into wherever the spiders are on a daily basis. I don’t like to use pesticides because I worry about how harmful they are. So my poor hunny has to be my pesticide. 🙂 

This is why when I was asked to try out Stay Away for spiders, I had to take the chance. Stay away is an Earth-kind product. Earth-kind is a USA-based pest control developer, designer, and bio-manufacturing pioneer. They develop natural proactive alternatives to protect the spaces where we live, work and play from pests and odors.

Stay Away

We have already started to see spiders in the bedrooms this season. So as soon as the Stay Away products arrived I opened them right up. Now I try to not read much about the actual product that I will be reviewing so that I can have a clear mind when I test it out. In the case of this review I only read about the company and the ingredients that go into their products. So I was surprised when I saw what I received. 

What I liked…

For starters I loved the way it smelled. It doesn’t have an overpowering or a chemical scent to it. Stay Away for spiders is made with the oils of Citronella, Lemongrass & Rosemary. And that’s exactly how it smells! Another thing I immediately liked was that it comes in a little sachet!

I immediately cleaned the rooms really well, then placed the Stay Away.  I placed the two I received in the two bedrooms I see the most spiders in. Are you wondering if it works? Well so far I thinks it’s worked great. I have not been using it for long, but seems to be working very well. I used to see at least 10-15 spiders on a daily basis in each of these rooms. After placing the sachet that number has gone down to maybe finding 2-3 a week!

I will definitely be getting more of this product! 

Stay Away – Spiders is available to buy from the Earth-kind website and on Amazon

Here are a few tips to to keep rodents and insects from moving in. These tips are from Kari Warberg Block, pest prevention expert and founder of earthkind® and Stay Away® natural pest prevention products.

1) Block their passageways. Inspect the outside of your home for holes, cracks or gaps. Pay special attention to areas around siding, chimneys, soffits, dormers and dryer vents. Spray-foam insulation will stop most bugs, but steel wool and silicone caulk offer the best protection from all pests — even rats and mice.

2) A Leaky Faucet or Pipe Is an Entryway for Ants. They are drawn towards moisture and an unrepaired opening is like putting out a welcome mat at your door. Fix any drips and ants will be looking for a more inviting dwelling.

3) Wash it first. Pests like moths and spiders love quiet, undisturbed places. Anything in storage is a dream home and the contents inside provide the perfect feast. Wash all towels, blankets, clothing and fabrics you’re planning on storing to make sure there’s nothing for moths to feed on. Moth larvae don’t just feed on furs, silk and wool – they love any organic material like stray hairs, fur shed by pets, and sweat or body oils left behind.

4) Save the spiders! Just not their webs. Spiders put a lot of effort into weaving their silky webs, so they don’t like it when you disturb them. They also don’t like the high pitched vibration of a vacuum. Use a vacuum hose to clear out spider webs and creepy crawlers will be on their way to a more peaceful home.

5) Use a natural pest repellent. You can prevent a pest infestation before it begins with alternatives like Stay Away® natural pest prevention pouches. Stay Away® repels rodents, ants, spiders, moths and beetles without the use of harmful chemicals or poisons, making it safe to use around children and pets. “I left the pouches out and poof! They were gone! And it smells so good, it’s like a 2 in 1 bag. I highly recommend it,” stated Stay Away® Rodent customer Charlie Rodriguez.

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