BloomsyBox Subscription Box Review

BloomsyBox Subscription Box Review

I have a huge addiction when it comes to subscription boxes. At least that’s what my hunny tells me. 😉 I personally don’t think I could ever get enough packages in the mail. I love getting them and opening them up to see what’s inside. A few weeks ago I received a message from BloomsyBox asking me if I’d like to receive a complimentary box of their subscription service. Of course I accepted immediately! I think this is the perfect time for me to mention that even if I receive a product or service free of charge I always give my 100% honest opinion. 

With so many different types of subscription boxes out there, why I hadn’t come across one like BloomsyBox is beyond me. However I think it’s a perfect idea for a subscription box! BloomsyBox is a bouquet subscription box that specializes in unique, single-variety blooms. Every month, they ship a selection of seasonal flowers “farm fresh to your door.” The BloomsyBox comes in three sizes to choose from: $34.99 per month for Bloomsy S, $38.99 per month for Bloomsy M, and $48.99 per month for Bloomsy L. 

I got to admit, I was super excited when I saw my hot pink box!


I couldn’t wait to open it because I had no idea what would be inside. 

Inside the box the flowers where wrapped beautifully, there was also a card, and a packet of flower food. On the card there were instructions on how to take care of the bouquet and BloomsyBox’s social media information. I really liked that to keep the flowers from getting damaged during shipping, they were secured to the base with a plastic cable tie.


And each bloom was protected by a mesh hood and plastic stem cover. This showed me how much care they put into making sure you get great looking flowers. 


Even the boys loved the bouquet we got!

bloomsybox review

I trimmed the stems, and got my flowers ready to place in a vase. I loved how gorgeous they were! All of my flowers arrived in perfect condition and The color was so vibrant and the quality was so much better than what I have found at my local florist.


I arranged them in a vase with some tiger lilies I had bought that day, added water and plant food. My BloomsyBox flowers added the perfect touch I was looking for!  

bloomsybox and tiger lilies

I usually only get freshly cut flowers about once a month, and I am absolutely in love with my BloomsyBox flowers! They were packed with great care, they arrived very fresh, and are absolutely gorgeous. As far as value I received 24 stems from BloomsyBox for $48.99. To receive the same thing from other online flower sites, I’d need to pay around $69.98 (this was the lowest price I found). I’m sure I could buy flowers for less at my local grocery store, but I’ve had mixed luck with the quality of the flowers available from them. 

I feel that BloomsyBox would make a great gift for any flower lover on any occasion. This is also great for businesses who want to always have nice fresh flowers to greet their clients or customers. 

Check out BloomsyBox and get more information on their website. You can also get social with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.


  1. Lynne B

    My mother would truly love this. She loves flowers. This company clearly takes great care in packaging their flowers.

  2. sandym204

    This is beautiful! First time I’ve heard of this one. Thanks


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