Yummy After School Snacks Roundup for Kids

snacks roundup

Yummy After School Snacks Roundup for Kids

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Being moms we lead a very hectic life, I know I do. Between running errands, dropping off & picking up from school, sport practices, and games I have no time. There are days that we go from school directly to practices or games. So I am always looking quick and easy after school snacks. Here is a round up of quick and easy after school snacks I use to keep my boys energized. Hope you like them too. 

flax chia hemp packs

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Portable and conveniently packaged, Carrington Farms grab-and-go Organic Flax, Organic Flax Chia and Organic Flax Hemp Paks are rich in Omega-3s, protein and fiber to keep your child fueled and focused. www.CarringtonFarms.com

viki's granola

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Made with 100% all natural ingredients, Viki’s Granola is the perfect after school snack to enjoy on its own or sprinkled over yogurt. www.VikisGranola.com

sparkling ice

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Skip the soda and pick up Sparkling Ice instead! Available in over 20 flavors, this refreshing alternative to the everyday soft drink combines sparkling water, natural fruit juices, vitamins and antioxidants to keep the kids hydrated. www.sparklingice.com

soybean noodles

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Unlike any other brand on the market, Explore Cuisine’s Instant Soybean Noodle includes separate sodium and seasoning packs, creating a fast and easy, sodium controlled after school dish! http://www.explorecuisine.com/

veestro juices

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No gluten? No dairy? No problem! Made for even the pickiest of eaters, Veestro’s juices are made from 100% organic fruit and vegetables with no added water or sugar, and are dairy and gluten-free. www.veestro.com


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  1. Kristen Schwarz

    Having 3 school aged kids and a toddler we always have to have plenty of snacks stocked up. Kids are hungry little monsters when they get home from school and they always have junk. So I have to make sure we have lots of healthy options. THese are some great ideas!


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