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Oxygen Releasing Pads

Oxygen Releasing Pads!

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Okay so this post is going to be for my female readers. I will be talking about periods so if you’re squeamish you may not want to read this either. That being said let’s get on with this post. 

I have always used tampons instead of pads. Not because I like them better than pads but because I don’t like feeling “dirty”. If you wear pads then you know that feeling. I hate down there feeling hot & icky, so I started using tampons. Recently I received an email telling me about TOM pads. These are supposed to be active oxygen releasing feminine pads.  Pads that help you not feel hot & icky. 

I honestly thought it was to good to be true. So of course I wanted to try them out. When they arrived I found them in a package very similar to other pads. Inside the package they were individually wrapped like other pads. Once I opened it up I realized that this is where the similarities ended. 

Oxygen Releasing Pads

The pad itself was thin and very very soft. It felt like a cotton panty and not at all like a pad. It does have little tabs for sticking to the sides of the panty. The tabs are smaller than regular pads but they hold their place really well. Okay so the time had come to try it out. I kept thinking how is such a thin pad that lets oxygen in not leak. 

So I placed the pad on the panty and pulled the panty up. I felt the difference immediately! First of all I felt like I wasn’t wearing a pad. It felt like just the panty. Also when ever I moved it almost felt like little bursts of air hitting my skin. I really liked the feeling. More than that feeling I liked the fact that while in use the pad didn’t feel humid and gross the way other pads feel. I will definitely be switching over to TOM pads! 

TOM pads

TO2M Feminine Pads

When you want to feel your best, you shouldn’t have anything holding you back! Traditional pads protect your clothing, but do little to protect you. They create a damp environment perfect for obligate anaerobic bacteria to thrive and grow. When there is Oxygen within the pad environment, you can get 3 main benefits: 1. It disrupts the alkaline, oxygen-free environment that odor-causing microbes thrive in. 2. It dramatically reduces humidity. 3.Clean, dry feeling! The result is a fresh and odor-free you.

Oxygen-Enhanced Feminine Pads

Hygiene is at the core of human health. Bacterial growth from sweaty areas that lack access to ample amounts of oxygen (like underarms) can lead to odors or worse, health complications. For example, it’s estimated that 70 percent of all reproductive diseases in India are linked to poor menstrual hygiene.

TO2M feminine pads may help alleviate issues that many women around the world experience: itchy rashes, humid environments, and complications that arise from moist, oxygen-free environments. Blood comprises about 92 percent water, and the moisture reacts with our oxygen-releasing formula located within the absorption layer of the pad. Pure oxygen is released, oxygen-hating bacteria are starved, and you go about your day fresher and cleaner than ever before.

Check out the TO2M website or their Kickstarter page for more information. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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  1. Kristen Schwarz

    Gonna have to try these out! I’m always open to new feminine products.


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