Night Time Fun With Premier Glow

night time fun

Night Time Fun With Premier Glow!

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My boys love to play especially in the dark. They love it even more when they have glow in the dark products. A little while ago I was asked by Premier Glow if I would like to give their popular glow in the dark products a try. We were super excited and couldn’t wait for them to arrive. We weren’t sure what we were going to receive, so when the box came we tore into it. 

Oh My Gosh were we thankful for all the great products Premier Glow sent us! Let me show you what was in the box. 

light up expandable balls

The first things we pulled out were these 3 light up expandable balls. One was red and green, there was a pink and white one, and a blue and white one. We had so much fun playing catch and rolling them to each other. 

premier glow products

Next we got two really cool LED expandable cross sabers. 2 very neat light up snow flake wands, and two Christmas light bulb necklaces that change blinking modes.

santa hat

We also got two really cute bendable light up Santa hats! When you turn them on the ball on the tip lights up and changes colors. These hats have wire in them so we could change their positions. We loved them!

my silly little gang

As you can tell by the two pictures above, we had an amazing time!! All of the products we received from Premier Glow were very high quality and I know they will last. 

Premier Glow has tons of fun, unique, and budget friendly items! I think you should definitely check them out for your next event. So head on over to their website and check them out. You can also connect with Premier Glow on Facebook

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