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Lovely Candy Co Review

Lovely Candy Co. live life. lovely.


We have a very sweet tooth at home. I hate to admit it but we always have candy in the house. I honestly don’t know what’s worse: having it in the house or keeping it a secret from my boys. 🙂 

We recently received a box with several goodies from the Lovely Candy Co. Before this I had never heard of the Lovely Candy Co or their delicious goodies. So of course I was super excited to get to try new candies. We received 5 different types, let me show you what we got. 

Sea Salt Caramels

Sea Salt Caramels

These sea salt caramels were my favorite of the bunch. They have the perfect amount of caramel and salt that gives these candies perfect flavor! I absolutely love how they melt in my mouth! After tasting these I don’t want any other salted caramels! 

Sea Salt Caramels 6 oz Bag – (from the website) Our decadent and rich original caramels now with sea salt!! Non GMO, no HFCS, no SOY. Rbst free milk. Kosher and GF certified Made in the USA and comes in a resealable bag.



What’s not to love about about these little morsels of goodness. These were my hunny’s favorites, especially since he is a huge cashew lover. These yummy little caramels have great chocolate and cashew flavor! 

Cashamels 6 oz Bag – (from the website) Our decadent and rich original caramels now with Chocolate and Cashews! Non GMO, no HFCS, no SOY. Rbst free milk. Kosher and GF certified. Made in the USA and comes in a resealable bag.

Cherry Licorice

Cherry Licorice

These little bites are so delicious. Honestly I didn’t know how they were going to taste or the texture they were going to have in my mouth. They don’t look like your traditional licorice. What I loved was that they did have that chewy licorice texture but most of all they are packed with flavor! These are now definitely my go to licorice. 

Gluten Free Cherry Licorice 6 oz Bag – (from the website) GLUTEN FREE LICORICE! REALLY!! no HFCS, no SOY. Chews just like you would expect from licorice. You’ll never know the difference and the flavor is out of this world! Made in North America and comes in a resealable bag.

Hula Chews

hula chews

OMG is what comes to mind when I think of these little chews! I love dark chocolate and these little chews pack a big dark chocolate flavor punch! I really liked how these chews start with a delicious dark chocolate flavor that melts right into an even more delicious coconut flavor. I literally had to hide these because I could have eaten the entire bag. 

Hula Chews 6 oz Bag – (from the website) Dark cocoa chews with a coconut flavored center containing real coconut bits! Not sticky! Non GMO, no HFCS, no SOY. Rbst free milk. Kosher and GF certified. Made in the USA

Original Juicy Chews

Juicy Chews

These little chews were the boys’ favorites! They come in Apple, Blueberry and Cherry flavor. These have such great flavor and I loved that they also had little pieces of fruit! These were so yummy that we didn’t have any left.

Juicy Chews 6 oz Bag – (from the website) Cherry, apple and blueberry fruit chews with no artificial ingredients or colors! Vegan, Non GMO, no HFCS, no SOY, Kosher and GF certified. Made in the USA

Lovely Candy Co.

The Lovely Candy Co. Story (from the website)

The journey started when Jackie asked her husband, Mike, to go on a quest for her favorite candy… licorice. Hers was a special request that it needed to be consciously crafted with select ingredients, gluten and gmo free. What began with licorice, evolved into additional family favorites. The Lovely Candy Company was started with hopes to sweeten a lovely wife’s and families’ world – and yours too!


All of our confections are Consciously Crafted® with the best ingredients available! A delicious and smart indulgence, our premium candy is made for
everyone, including the growing number of consumers who have food sensitivities. Lovely Candy is the most delicious, natural candy you will ever


Are certified gluten-freekosher, and 3rd party verified non-gmo and have:
  • NO Artificial Colors
  • NO Artificial Ingredients
  • NO High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • NO Soy
  • NO Hormones
  • NO Trans Fats

lovely candy coTake a look at the Lovely Candy Co.’s website to find out more about these delicious goodies and all of their yummy products. Connect with the Lovely Candy Co. on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram

Enter to win a Lovely Candy Co. variety box here.

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