8 oz Blue Cobalt Glass Bottle #bluebottle

blue cobalt glass bottle

8oz Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle With Trigger Sprayer


This is a great little spray bottle which feel comfortable in the hand and sprays well. Right now I am just using apple cider vinegar in it, but the glass bottle is good for those who make natural sprays using essential oils. The 8 oz size is perfect. Not too big. The blue color is very pretty too. The glass itself is thick, which is great for me. The spray mechanism is very well designed. It has the ability to switch between Spray, Stream and Off, the spray tube reaches to the bottom of the glass. This was important to me too because it ensures that I am able to use up all of the liquid in the bottle.

Want a closer look? Check out this video.

This is a great bottle for making room sprays or cleaners, especially when using essential oils.  The bottle arrived well packaged, double wrapped in bubble wrap and on time. It is a great size to mix a good amount of essential oil spray and the glass is a beautiful vibrant Cobalt blue color. The glass and the sprayer are both good quality with no noticeable imperfections.

You can get the 8 oz Blue Cobalt Glass Bottle on Amazon.

Product Description

This 8 ounce blue cobalt glass bottle with trigger sprayer is ideal for all of your essential oil blends, as this custom sprayer offers a variety of different spraying options.

With the thick blue cobalt colored glass it was designed to maintain liquids sensitive to degradation from light and protects against harmful UV rays as well. This bottle has a wide variety of applications in the industrial and scientific categories as well as medical and beauty.

This boston round 8 ounce blue cobalt glass bottle with sprayer is perfect for around the house cleaning projects, cooking projects and beauty applications.

Boston round bottles have long been utilized by the millions of Americans that are experiencing the incredible benefits of essential oils. This 8 ounce blue cobalt boston round glass bottle with sprayer is ideal for storing your perfume, cologne and other liquids to keep them safe, secure and in a easily accessible convenient packaging


  1. Jerrica Evans

    I could definitely use one of these, it would be so much better than plastic bottle.

  2. Heather Amos

    I could definitely use this. It would come in handy for many things.

  3. Jeena Bittenbender

    Well now this is different. I love that it’s glass. You deffenetly don’t want to waist your food essential oils on toxic plastic bottles. I’ll be buying several of these..,

  4. Dotty J Boucher

    I like these bottles, I like that they keep the sunlight out and that I am able to keep what ever I put in them fresh or that they last longer, I have a small one of these I use it to help me fresh’n up my face or to keep me cool.

  5. Linda Manns Linneman

    This is so nice. I could use a couple of these myself. Thank you so much for sharing these

  6. Terry Poage

    First off I love that this is glass. Plastic sprayers seem to me to absorb whatever you have in it and it is hard to get the smell out. I also love that this has different spraying options.

  7. Margot Core

    I need this for my essential oils environmental sprays.


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