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Brieftons Glass Water Bottles

Brieftons Glass Water Bottles: 6 Pack


Being the big fan of essential oils that I am I have been trying to get away from plastic bottles. I immediately loved these glass bottles as soon as I saw them. These glass bottles have a size of 18 ounces, which makes them versatile and handy. These glass water bottles are great for infusing water, storing juices, smoothies and so much more. These glass water bottles are a wonderful alternative to plastic, especially when using them for essential oil infusion. Plastic bottles can leak chemicals into whatever you are drinking, so for me glass is the obvious choice.

Brieftons glass water bottle
These glass water bottles are sturdy and thick. The design is simple and sleek. The water stays cold as long as you would expect for a glass bottle. If you find a sleeve for it then it would be better! I highly suggest using a sleeve to grip since the glass will get slippery. There are many silicone sleeves on the market, and I will definitely be looking for some.

The lid is great because the inside that is inserted into the bottle is stainless steel. This is great because I am sure that there will be zero contact between the liquid and any plastic. Cleaning is also very easy, I love how this 6 pack includes a bottle washing brush. These glass water bottles are wonderful, versatile, and I can recommend them with confidence to anyone for a variety of uses.

You can get the Brieftons Glass Water Bottles on Amazon.

Product Description

Why settle for a cheap alternative when you can have a premium set of reusable glass water bottles that will last you a lifetime?

Unlike cheap plastic water bottles that leech chemicals, toxins and odors, Brieftons Glass Water Bottles are completely BPA free, food safe, and won’t leech toxins, chemicals or odors. They are perfect for storing juices and other liquids for cooking, allowing you to prepare, and conveniently store for later use.

Use these bottles to conveniently and safely store your favorite beverages in the refrigerator, or take them with you to the gym, office, outdoor picnic, or wherever life takes you.

Made of ultra clear soda lime glass, the Brieftons Glass Water Bottles have a low expansion rate, high temperature resistance, high strength and hardness, high transmittance and high chemical stability. They are easy to wash, and come with an air tight cap to ensure they are completely leak proof.


✓ Great value set of 6 top quality glass bottles, perfect for liquids, juices and drinks
✓ Made from lead/cadmium/BPA/phthalates free, food-safe thick soda lime glass with superior impact resistance
✓ Odor free, chemical free
✓ Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
✓ Each bottle comes with an air tight, leak proof, 201-grade stainless steel cap
✓ Includes a large bottle cleaning brush for easy hand washing
✓ Suitable for both warm and cold beverages
✓ Slim design for easy storage in a fridge/freezer

Stop struggling with flimsy, hard-to-fill plastic bottles and worrying about what their chemicals are doing to your body and the environment.

Don’t settle for less and choose the best with your Brieftons Glass Water Bottles today!

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