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Aleratec Tablet Rack

Aleratec Universal 4 Tablet Rack, Perfect for Charging and Organizing.


Each of us in the family have our own tablet. Having that many tablets can make things messy even when trying to keep them all in one place. So I have been on the look out for a rack that will not only keep them organized but one that will also make charging them easy. That’s where the Aleratec Universal 4 Tablet Charging Organizer Rack comes into play. I gotta tell you that I’m glad I didn’t read any of the reviews this rack had prior to ordering it or I may not have ordered it. That would have been a shame for us, here’s why.

Yes, this is a really lightweight rack. And yes if you are only going to use one tablet on it it will topple over unless you place the tablet in the middle of the rack. A lot of the reviews say that the racks have snapped on them. Honestly I can see that happening, especially if they are not well taken care of. I really don’t think this rack is something that would be good for kids to use (because of the thin plastic material) unless they are older. I keep mine on my desk and ask my boys not to move it. So it has worked well and it has not broken.

Aleratec Tablet Rack

I have used this rack with up to two 7 inch Galaxy Tabs, one 7 inch Fire Tablet and a 10 inch Fire Tablet without any problem. As you can see in the pictures, the slots are nice and wide. So even with the cases on the tablets they fit just fine.So bottom line: I really like this tablet rack because it keeps our tablets organized and tidy. This stand really works well for us and we are very happy with it.

You can get the Aleratec Tablet Charging Rack on Amazon.

Product Description

Keep your tablets organized with this lightweight and portable tablet stand that neatly holds up to four tablets. An ideal organizational tools for the home or office, this tablet stand can be used while charging or syncing or to keep multiple tablets in one, manageable location. Spacious compartments leave plenty of room for protective cases and it supports most tablet models including iPad, iPad Mini, Nexus 7, Kindle, Samsung Galaxy series and more. Features • Stored and organized up to 4 tablets • The perfect place to hold tablets while charging and syncing • Fits neatly on desktop, countertops, and night stands • Perfect for the home or office • Lightweight and portable • Purchase several to create your own personal tablet station for 8, 12 or even more devices. • Compatible with most tablets (tablet must be at least 165.1 mm / 6.5 inches long)


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