The Most Fun & Best Tea Gift Ever

Collect Teables

The Most Fun & Best Tea Gift Ever – ShakeSpearmint & Agatha ChrisTea


I love winding down with a great cup of tea and I just received some of the most delicious and fun tea I have ever tried. Collect Teables is the great company that created The TeaBook I reviewed for you a little while back, you can check out that review here. I loved the TeaBook so of course I was so exited to learn that they recently started their exclusive line of fine teas stored inside artistically drawn limited run tea wrappers: Collect Teables. With super catchy names like: Agatha ChrisTea (which is an Earl Grey tea) and ShakesSpearmint (which is an absolutely delicious mint tea) I was super excited to try them out! 

Collect Teables

Earl Grey is a long time favorite of mine, I have fond memories of sharing a cup with my grandma. Agatha ChrisTea is a nice deep Earl Grey tea with great flavor!

Mint Tea however is a new favorite of mine, I only started drinking mint tea since last year. Collect Teables ShakeSpearmint is absolutely delicious! I love having a nice warm cup of this one to wind down at the end of the day! 

Both of these teas have such an amazingly delicious aroma. Being a book lover these teas were such a great gift to receive! I am sure that either the book lovers or tea lovers in your life will love these amazing teas!

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Product Description (from the Collect Teables website)

Fun varieties as ShakeSpearmint (mint tea) and Agatha ChrisTea (earl grey tea). Every month a new themed series of Collect Teables will be released, such as authors, philosophers, or politicians. Each series of teas is drawn by a different artists in their unique style. As a subscriber, you’ll receive a new themed series of tea every month — and since the series are all limited runs the only way to ensure you can collect them all is to subscribe. The teas make great gifts and, of course, fit perfectly in The TeaBook – a revolutionary way to store, share and serve tea.
In addition, the teas are:
Great conversation starters
Produced in limited runs — which make the teas collectible
A perfect addition to your restaurant, break room, or personal tea collection
All organic/kosher certified
Biodegradable or compostable
A great conversation starter
Fun to share and own
Perfect to fill your TeaBook

With Collect Teables, your tea foils will never be boring.  The front of each Tea Wrapper will contain only the title and type of tea contained inside — the minimum labeling required by the U.S. FDA — and the artists signature.  The reverse of each tea foil contains a fun and slightly modified quote related to the tea (and the usual information you would expect to find on any tea foil.)

Want to see other authors such as a Mark Twainquility (Chamomile) and CervanTeas (Chai)?  We need your help to make it possible. Support the Kickstarter to help us reach our stretch goals and bring these amazing authors back to life. 


  1. tisonlyme143

    I love that they have everything you need to enjoy your tea with your company or by yourself and Great starters, love the humor they use in this and yummy teas.

  2. Ashley F

    These are so cute! What a perfect gift for a tea lover! I enjoy peppermint tea, as well, it’s perfect after dinner!

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      I totally agree Ashley, it’s perfect for after dinner. 🙂


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