Large Wide-Mouth Glass Mug

glass mug

Lauryn Janae Clear Premium Large Wide-Mouth Glass Mug, Perfect For Coffee, Tea, Soup & Cereal. #buylaurynjanae


I am always on the lookout for a good big coffee mug. If you’re looking for a large coffee mug for every day use that is easy to clean, and durable this is it. I love that it has a wide-mouth because that makes it great for a cup of soup. I really enjoy how easy to clean this glass mug is, other mugs are more cylindrical in shape, or are deep and narrow at the top, so you need brushes to get into it; this mug is wide enough you can get your entire hand inside to wipe it clean with a soap and sponge.

glass mug

The glass was impeccable, no bubbles and heat resistant. I brewed my coffee right into it and it’s been great! I also like the curve design this glass mug has, it fits well in your hand. Which is great if you are like me, and like to feel the warmth of the beverage.

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Product Description

These Large Wide-Mouth mug that has a classic design and are durable, heavy based and has a comfortable yet hefty handle. These mug are also made of thick glass that keeps your drink hot or cold to the last swig. 

  • Brand – Lauryn Janae
    Size – High Quality 18oz Large Wide-Mouth Coffee, Tea, Cereal & Soup Glass Cup Mug
    Safety – 100% Dishwasher, Microwave & Freezer Safe
    Quality – Made of very thick, durable glass, keeps hot
    Gift – Great gift for dad, friends, family, wedding and beer lovers

These mugs are part of the Lauryn Janae Collection and features a classic design that is durable, and ideal for everyday use. Established in 2015, the Lauryn Janae brand has become a recognized household name. The company offers a wide selection of durable and elegant products to suit your many needs.


  1. Linda Szymoniak

    If these were just oven resistant you could make mug cakes, or even lava cakes in these. They have the perfect size and shape, and I’m guessing it would be easy to get things out (with the shape).

  2. coreyolomon

    This would be great for hot chocolate too!

  3. RT

    Dang, that is one big mug! I need this for my morning tea.

  4. Sandra Watts

    That is my kind of mug. 🙂

  5. Sue E

    This cup is huge! A Java lover’s dream & a great gift! I am glad that the review mentioned that it was durable, because that was one of my concerns. I wouldn’t use it as a beer mug though.

  6. Terry Poage

    These are great coffee mugs. I like wide mouth coffee mugs.


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