Cookbook Review: Let’s Cook Series

Let's Cook Series Cookbook Review

Let’s Cook Family Cookbook Series combines learning a new language and cooking.


If you follow my blog then you probably know that I love to cook. I also love to share my passion for cooking with my boys. What you may not know is that I love learning new languages. I am fluent in Spanish because I grew up in a home where speaking English inside the house was a big no no. I also speak French because I took it in school. I have tried to teach my boys Spanish however they don’t speak it as fluently as I would like. But we are getting there slowly.

I recently received the three cookbooks from Quarto Publishing Group that not only have great recipes, they are also bilingual. These cookbooks are Let’s Cook Italian, Let’s Cook Spanish and Let’s Cook French. These are great family cookbooks! They have easy to follow and delicious recipes that are perfect for my boys to help me prepare.

All of the cookbooks in this series bring the recipes, introduction and contents page in both English and either Italian, French or Spanish. The pictures are brightly colored and the recipes are easy to follow. My boys really like making these recipes with me.

All three of these books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other fine book sellers.

There is nothing more moving than the opportunity a parent has to share their culture and heritage with their children. From teaching children a new language to sharing a family recipe, passing on culture from one generation to another is an defining tradition among North American parents.

The bestselling Let‘s Cook series (Let‘s Cook FrenchLet‘s Cook Italian, and Let‘s Cook Spanish) brings together popular cultural recipes, gorgeous artwork, and foreign languages to create a family reference cookbook that engages children in the culture, community, and food of a different country. Not only will these cookbooks bring families closer together, but they will help parents pass on a valuable hobby and get them interested in a foreign culture. 


  1. RT

    Great idea! I would get the Spanish one, as I love spicy food. Are these authentic recipes?

  2. Terry Poage

    I just love different cook books. I would start with the Italian one first.

  3. Terry Poage

    I would want Let’s cook Italian. I am a sucker for all kinds of Italian food. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. william gossage

    These cookbooks sound like they have some great recipes in them


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