Mommy’s Time Out Wine Review

Mommy's Time Out Wine

Mommy’s Time Out Wine – Moscato Review


As mommies a mommy’s time out is something that we should take on a daily basis. We’ve all had those days that feel like they are never going to end yet there is no time to get everything done. I don’t always wind down with wine. Most nights believe it or not I wind down with coffee. Another thing I like to do is to snuggle up with my hunny on the couch. I also like to take a warm shower or bath. When I do wind down with a nice glass of wine, I like to drink a chilled Moscato. I was recently sent a bottle of Mommy’s Time Out Moscato to taste.

Mommy's Time Out Moscato

I really liked that the bottle came in a beautiful silk gift bag. Making this a great bottle to give as a gift. After opening the first thing I did was serve and took in the scent. It has a fragrant fruity scent to it, which I immediately liked. After a few sips I knew that this is a perfect wine to sit and relax with after a long day! This is a sweet and smooth wine, I can see my girlfriends and I enjoying a few bottles of this on our next girls night. 

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Product Description (From Mommy’s Time Out Website)

We All know that being a Mommy is a difficult job. A Mommy’s Time Out is a well deserved break. These wines are delicate and fruity. They come from some of the finest vineyards in Italy where the best grapes are vinified, resulting in a long lasting finish. They are a great complement to food, or may be served as an aperitif.

Mommy’s Time Out Moscato
Region – Puglia (Italy)
Alcohol by Volume – 9%

Tasting Notes:
This wonderful Moscato comes from one of the finest growing regions in Italy where the best grapes are vinified to produce a wine with great potential. It has terrific balance and wonderful fruity aromas.

Selective Wine Estates also produces two additional novelty labels including Dad’s Day Off and First-Rate Old Fart.  Both also make ideal gifts!

Mommy's Time Out Wine


  1. Randy Fulgham

    jumpin johosafat this might be the wine i am looking for

  2. sunshaine66

    This wine looks yummy

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      It is sooo good. 🙂


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