Here Are Three Of My Favorite Sharpie Products @Sharpie

Here Are Three Of My Favorite Sharpie Products

Here Are Three Of My Favorite Sharpie Products

Here Are Three Of My Favorite Sharpie Products

When it comes to a long lasting permanent marker the name that always comes to mind is Sharpie. We always use Sharpie markers for everything especially when we need it to be permanent. That’s why I wanted to share three of my favorite Sharpie products with you. Let’s get to it, I am going to start off with one that I use the most.

Sharpie Extreme The Ultimate Fade Resistant Marker

Here Are Three Of My Favorite Sharpie Products

Sometimes however we need fade resistant strength. Even at those times our family thinks of Sharpie. Sharpie Extreme Markers are perfect for whenever I need fade resistant strength. With three boys I have tons of sports equipment that I always have to label. And the Sharpie Extreme Markers are perfect for that.

Sharpie Extreme markers are not like your traditional Sharpie markers.  These withstand the test by resisting fade and things like rain, snow, and even mud. Making them perfect for all our sports gear! We have tested them out and they actually live up to what they say they will do. These are perfect for use on things like water bottles, soccer balls, footballs etc. Because the marker won’t fade and the writing will stay.

We even wrote our name on a wet water bottle and it still didn’t smudge. Which I thought was super cool! These markers are also great for labeling items for school like backpacks, storage containers, and so much more.

Sharpie Fine Point Colored Permanent Markers

Here Are Three Of My Favorite Sharpie Products

The second Sharpie product I want to talk to you about is the Sharpie Fine Point Colored Permanent Markers. I love to use these to color in my adult coloring books! One of the things I enjoy about these markers is the richness of the colors.

The ink color is bright and saturated. It lays down on the page in a way that makes it look almost as if you painted it on. Because these are markers, the ink is going to bleed through your pages. But I place a piece of cardboard behind the page I am coloring and solve that issue.

Sharpie Clear View Highlighters

Here Are Three Of My Favorite Sharpie Products

I am going to tell you something that you may not know. I love using highlighters! Ever since the first time I used them in high school, I have loved using them. In high school and all throughout college I used them like crazy. Now as an adult I use them in my planner and everywhere else I can. 🙂 I love being precise in my highlighting. Back in high school and college I used to have to guess where to stop. I no longer have to do that since Sharpie came out with their Clear View highlighters. Now it’s so easy to see exactly where I need to stop thanks to its clear tip.

I did a little test and while it’s a little hard to see in the picture below, there is a little smearing. This highlighter did smear on the pencil and the liquid ink. But since I use these highlighters on either ballpoint or gel ink they are my absolute favorite highlighter!

You can get all these great products on Amazon and your favorite retailers.

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