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BatchPhoto™ – Photo Productivity Toolkit


Last year I was introduced to the BatchPhoto: Photo Productivity Toolkit. This is such a cool product for anyone who has tons of pictures. So when I heard that they had released a new version called Batchphoto 4.1 I couldn’t wait to try it out and tell you about it. 

As a parent & a blogger I have tons of photos of my family, products and places that I use or visit for work. With so many photos that I must upload to share with you I spend endless hours editing and getting them just right. Sometimes it’s to get rid of red eye, brightening up the image or adding my watermark, having a software that is easy to use and not pricy makes my job easier.


So if you’re looking for a software package that can handle all your photo editing needs BatchPhoto 4.1 is the one for you! I use the watermarking and brightening features the most, but knowing that I can do so much more is amazing! Let me tell you what the new features about it are.

BatchPhoto 4.1 —  (Released December 05, 2015) Check out all the features here.

Windows Updates

  • Full support for Windows 10
  • Support for High DPI in Windows (200% scaling equivalent with Retina on Mac)

Mac OS X Updates

  • Full support for OS X El Capitan
  • Support for Retina displays in BatchPhoto Monitor
  • The help has been moved from in-application to a web based solution. This also solves the problem with launching the help from the Mac App Store version

Functionality (Win & Mac)

  • Improvements to the drag & drop feature in the Comment, Date, Watermark*, Resize, and Crop filters
  • The option to pause the photo processing, very useful when processing thousands of photos in one session
  • Tab focused on the first control in the filter settings for easier keyboard editing
  • Fix: Issue in BatchPhoto Monitor that prevented it from processing tens of thousands of images in one session
  • Other bug-fixes and improvements

Graphic Filters (Win & Mac)

  • Date – Fully customize the appearance of the stamp with new features like customizable font, stroke effect, shadow effect, and even a background bounding-box
  • Date – Select from a multitude of preset date formats, custom date separators, and to show the time with seconds
  • Date – Correct the date/time if it was incorrectly recorded by your digital cameras
  • Rotate – Added the condition to only rotate the Portrait or the Landscape photos
  • Resize – Range limits for the width and height fields to prevent accidental mistyping of large values
  • Comment – More precise stamp positioning and Alpha values in percents
  • The option to maximize the window for all graphical filters
  • Fix: The date/time was not correctly read for some RAW images in the filter settings window

Image Formats (Win & Mac)

  • Support for new DSLR digital cameras and RAW image formats

You can check it out and find out more on the BatchPhoto Website

I will be hosting a giveaway for BatchPhoto 4.1 that will have 10 lucky winners!! The fun starts 1/11/16 so keep an eye out for it.

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