AleHorn Large Drinking Horn #LargeAleHornTankard


AleHorn: A Large “Game of Thrones” Style Drinking Horn


If you know someone who’s a Game of Thrones fan then this AleHorn Drinking Horn is the perfect gift! My hunny loves Games of Thrones and loves ale so this is perfect for him.  I really like how lightweight and sturdy it is. I also really like that it is hand made. I am sure that my hunny is going to love it! The bottom of it is has AleHorn on it. The outside is of course a horn and it has little pieces that snag off from it just like a horn does. It is 5 inches tall and holds about 12 oz of liquid, so it is quite a big mug. Its sealed perfectly for cool liquids. Since the horns are real and the mug is handmade, the mug you get may vary in colors which is awesome! I am really impressed with the quality of this awesome piece. It’s absolutely stunning!

You can get this magnificent AleHorn Mug on Amazon.

Product Details

These drinking horns are perfect for enjoying your favorite ale or other beverage.  Each horn tankard is handmade from 100% ethically sourced cow horn.  As unique as the horn itself, there will be no other drinking horn in the world like yours.

  • approx 5″ tall and holds 12+ oz.
    Made from 100% natural horn
    Formed horn handle
    Sealed and suitable for cool liquids
    Actual horn pattern may vary from the unit pictured
    Please rinse your horn before use. Avoid the dishwasher, extreme temperatures and hot liquids.


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