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Del Sol Color Change Sunglasses


When I heard that Del Sol had color change sunglasses I jumped with delight!! I mean think about it, it’s two looks in one! I couldn’t wait to give them a try, so I chose the SOLIZE Peggy Sue Sunglasses. I loved the idea that it goes from blue to pink in the sun. When they arrived I really liked that they came in a nice white metal case with the Del Sol name in red.


Inside the case I found the glasses in a white softer bag to carry them in also. Either the case or the bag are a nice size and fit perfectly in my bag or glove compartment. These sunglasses fit perfectly when on, and are super comfortable. Aside from how they fit I really like that they come with a Lifetime Guarantee! Yup, you read that right LIFETIME!!! It doesn’t matter if these sunglasses are lost, stolen or broken they are replaced for free (not including shipping) for life! Tell me that’s not an amazing deal! These sunglasses are light blue with white polka dots, and when exposed to sun, the polka dots change into a really pretty pink, and the blue turns to purple!


You guys know how much I love those colors!!! I also really like that the transformation starts taking place within seconds of sun exposure. All of Del Sol’s SOLIZE color-change sunglasses are 100% UVA/ UBV blocking and polarized to aid in glare prevention. There are over 50 styles and colors to choose from for the SOLIZE color change sunglasses. They also come for men, children and women. I love these glasses and absolutely recommend them! For just $49 (plus shipping) you’ll get a lifetime of these great sunglasses. These sunglasses are the second Del Sol product I’ve tried and I can say that Del Sol is a company that I love! 

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Product Description

Sunglasses have never been cooler than with Del Sol’s color-changing technology! Trendy and fun, our color-changing shades come in a variety of styles. Choosing a color isn’t a chore because now you have the versatility of two colors in just one pair of sunglasses. No matter your style preference, there’s a pair of sunglasses for everyone! Simply step out into the sun and see the magic of color-changing sunglasses unfold. Del Sol’s color change sunglasses come in styles to fit any man, woman or child under the sun. 

Product Features

  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GAURANTEE against Loss, Theft, or Damage. Even if you simply lose your Solize color-changing sunglasses, we’ll still replace them for just the shipping/handling cost.
  • Polarized PolarizedPro lenses to block out glare.
  • 100% UVA/UVB blocking & protection
  • Durable frames are impact-resistant and lightweight.
  • Spectrachrome® technology makes frames change color when exposed to sunlight. Color change is also guaranteed to impress you, and to last for the life of the sunglasses.

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