Flameless Tea Lights Review #MarsTealights


Flameless Tea Lights By Mars


I absolutely love these flameless tealight candles from Mars. There’s so much I can do with these flameless tea lights! But first let me tell you why I use them. With the boys running around, and my 4 year old who still loves to touch everything that shines, I won’t use real candles because I’m scared of them getting hurt or of my home burning down. But enough of my fears, let’s get back to these tealights. They are super easy to use, I love that they come with the batteries included. So I can just use them right out of the box. All you have to do is pull the tab and turn on the candle. I love to decorate my home with them. Like in these pictures.


You can get these great Flameless Tea Lights By Mars on Amazon.

Product Description

Flameless Flickering Candles Tea Lights – 24 LED Tealights FREE 100 Fake Rose Petals For Windows, Candle Holders, Luminaries, Birthday Candle, Yellow Lanterns. Best in Class by Mars. The Mars Tealight Flameless Candle can be used anywhere to achieve a persistent and atmospheric ambience. The Tealight Flameless Candles can be used in votive holders, placed on dining tables for a romantic dinner, they can be placed on the windowsill for a hearty Christmas decoration, stuffers, Halloween, Valentines or they can be used in a restaurant for safe and hazard free flickering candle lights on every table


  1. trisha kilpatrick

    Those would be perfect for Christmas. I love candles, but my cats make me so nervous when they’re lit. These would be so much better.


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