Cyrrus Sports Mini Bicycle Pump Review


Cyrrus Sports Mini Bicycle Pump


This mini pump is exactly what we were looking for! It’s lightweight and works flawlessly. I really liked that it brought a needle and a perfect fit mount. We have used it to pump up our bike tires, jogging stroller tires, our soccer and basketball balls.


It is very easy to use, even my 10 & 8 year olds have used it without a problem. We even take it with us in our backpack to soccer practice. It’s made sturdy and I can tell that it is built to last.

You can get the Cyrrus Sports Mini Bicycle Pump on Amazon.

Product Description

The Best Tire Pump For Your Active Lifestyle
– Requires minimum effort to inflate

– Does 100 Psi Easy

– Made of CNC Aluminum, so It’s Lighter Than Big Bulky Floor Pump and More Durable than Plastic Made Flimsy Pumps

– Inexpensive, yet high quality way to keep your active lifestyle moving.
Presta and Schrader compatible
Different Tips Available For Different Uses, Not only Bicycle Tires, A TRUE Multi-Purpose Pump.
Compact Size so It is Portable And You Can Use it Anytime you Need It.
– Bullet 1

– Made From The Best Quality Materials, Built Tough So It’ll Last You For as Long as You Own your Bicycle.

– Very Light, and Comes with a Bike Frame Velcro Strap So you’ll Have it handy when the need arises!
The Only Bicycle Pump That Offers Full Money Guaranteed NO QUESTIONS ASKED, or a replacement if you’re not fully satisfied LIFETIME

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