Celebrate National Pizza Day with Hungry Girl!


Hungry Girl Originals Pepperoni Pizza!


Did you know that National Pizza Day was on September 5th? How did you celebrate? While my boys made their own pizzas. I celebrated with a Hungry Girl Originals Pepperoni Pizza! 

I love watching Hungry Girl on TV, so when I heard that now I could her Originals Pizzas I had to try them! I got two boxes, a Pepperoni and a Cheese. Each box brings two single serve pizzas. Each individually wrapped, so there’s no need to worry about using one and having the other getting stale. 


Doesn’t it look delicious? Don’t let those little slices of pepperoni fool you, they pack a delicious punch of flavor. The crust is made from sprouted-grains, it comes out crispy and absolutely delicious. The cheese melts perfectly and the flavor is amazing! It definitely gives those full calorie pizzas a run for their money! 


I made both pizzas because my hunny and I both had one for lunch. These are very satisfying and a perfect size for me. Hungry Girl pizzas are perfectly portioned with 7g of fiber, 280 calories and the first pizzas to have sprouted-grain crust! They are the perfect treat! If you love pizza but want to make healthy choices, you should try these from Hungry Girl. Click Here to see where you can find them near you. 

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