Baby Car Seat Cover Review & Coupon! #BabyCarSeatCover


Best Baby Car Seat Covers with Innovative Wind-Proof Design.


I ordered this beautiful car seat cover as a baby shower gift. The car seat cover comes in a little gift-able square box with a hole cut out to see the adorable chevron pattern. I think this is perfect for a baby shower or a new baby in your life! This baby car seat cover is easy to install. Hanging the cover from the handles keeps the blanket off baby’s face so they stay comfortable. Also means peace of mind that it won’t slip off! Attaching the car seat cover makes it like a sunshade for the car seat that provides comfort for baby allowing them to rest.


I love that the material is soft and super lightweight. The texture is thin and reminds me of a muslin swaddle blanket which is great for the Spring and Summer months! The lightweight, breathable material allows air to circulate keeping your baby safe from overheating in hot weather. The print on the car seat cover is a chevron pattern in light gray. Sometimes parents don’t want to know the gender, or may want more neutral colors- so this white and gray color combo makes it perfect for any bundle of joy.

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Product Description

PROVIDE TOTAL PROTECTION FOR YOUR SWEET BABY against the harshest winds, obnoxious bugs, blinding sunlight, harmful germs and bacteria, and the over-eager stranger with our innovative 360° Flap Control Design.

YOU CAN BREATH EASY knowing your baby is safe, comfortable, and shaded with a canopy that is as soft as their bottom. With our super breathable 100% Bamboo Muslin fabric there is no need to worry that your baby is over-heating with a heavy and hot car seat cover. We know there is nothing worse than a hot, uncomfortable, crying baby.

REFLECT THE ATTRACTIVE AND SMART MOM you are by carrying the cutest baby car seat cover that is both highly functional and useful. Shouldn’t it be an accurate reflection of you as a mother!


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