In-ear Headphones Review #TunePhonikiXR5


TunePhonik iXR5 In-ear Headphones



When I received these in-ear headphones I liked how well they looked. I like the red and black colors and the wire is flat. It came really nicely packaged in a sturdy case.


In the package there was the headphones of course, 3 pairs of ear gels (plus 1 pair on the headphones), and a storage pouch. The ear gels come in sizes small, medium and large so that I could use the ones that fit the best. I mentioned earlier that the wire on there in ear headphones is flat, a flat wire is great because that means less tangling.


I really like the sound of these headphones. I’ve tried it with many different frequencies and they sound great in all of them. I love how comfortable these earbuds are. I have worn them for 4+ hours and they didn’t bother me. I use them with my Samsung Galaxy S5 and have answered calls with them. I like that I can hear and be heard clearly. These are great in-ear headphones and I definitely would buy them again.

You can get the Tunephonik iXR5 In-ear Headphones on Amazon.

Product Description

The Aleratec Tunephonik iXR-5 Stereo In-Ear Headphones with Microphone will be your favorite headphones, no matter where you go! These high fidelity, ergonomically designed in-ear headphones let you experience music like you’ve never heard it before with optimized noise isolation that takes you away from the outside world and deep into the subtle nuances of your favorite tunes. Features you’d expect to find only on high-priced, audiophile-level headphones include a gold-plated connector and durable metal construction so low, mid and high frequencies come through with spine-chilling realism. The Tunephonik iXR-5 also performs exceptionally well on voice conversations and includes an in-line microphone that can be switched from music to answering phone calls. Designed for users who expect comfortable-fitting, high quality headphones at a reasonable price, the Tunephonik iXR-5 includes small, medium and large ear gels instead of an awkward and sometimes painful “one size its all” approach. You won’t find yourself constantly adjusting and re-adjusting the ear buds to get the right fit. The Tunephonik iXR-5 even includes a tangle-free cord design and convenient carrying pouch. With Aleratec’s Tunephonik iXR-5 headphones, you’ll enjoy music and hear phone conversations with a new level of comfort and a superb level of clarity.


• Optimized passive noise isolation dramatically reduces ambient sound

• In-line microphone control allows users to switch between calls and music

• Includes small, medium and large ear gels for a comfortable fit

• Right-angle, gold-plated 3.5mm jack

• Use with iPhones, MP3 players, tablets, portable DVD players and laptops

• Flexible, tangle-free cord

• Durable metal construction

• Includes convenient carrying case

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