Celebrate Labor Day with TK Hibiscus Tea


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This Labor Day Keep Cool with TK Hibiscus Tea!

I have just started seeing more and more things featuring Hibiscus where I live. Which is great, I have been a fan of Hibiscus since I was a little girl. In Guatemala Hibiscus is a very popular drink called agua de Jamaica. I used to be able to find products with it only in hispanic stores. I love that now there are so many products that feature Hibiscus. A new, healthy and fun snack trend are Hibiscus tea based popsicles!

Labor Day is right around the corner and making your own popsicles makes family gatherings more memorable and promotes healthy habits in a delicious way. TK Hibiscus is the first and premier purveyor of bottled, fresh-brewed, all-natural organic hibiscus teas. 

“Low in calories, TK Hibiscus is steeped with antioxidants and many beneficial plant acids that are very good for you―and make you feel even better. Hibiscus has been shown to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels and even cool your core body temperature,” explains Sean Shafik, Co-Founder of TK Hibiscus.

TK Hibiscus ($1.99 ea.) teas comes in four refreshing flavors,Classic Simple: As simple as it gets and the benchmark for bottled hibiscus tea, Cool Mint: Refreshingly perfect after a workout or a lazy day in the park; Green Jasmine: With a touch of caffeine, it is the perfect replacement for your afternoon or morning coffee; Yellow Ginger: The perfect complement to spice up any drink.

TK Hibiscus is currently stocked in over 350 stores across 27 states including The Fresh Market and Whole Foods.

To learn more about TK Hibiscus, kindly visit the TK Hibiscus Website. Connect with them socially on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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