iCoffee Opus Single Serve Brewer Review


The iCoffee OPUS™ Single Serve Brewer with SpinBrew™ Technology


You guys know how much I love coffee, I simply can’t function without my morning cup. In my opinion there’s nothing like the delicious flavor of a freshly brewed cup. That’s why when I was asked to try out the iCoffee OPUS™ Single Serve Brewer from Remington I couldn’t resist. I was super excited when I received it and opened it immediately. I love that I can control how strong or light my coffee brews. iCoffee’s “Dial-A-Brew” feature is where you decide if you want to brew from 4 – 12 ounces. Depending on how strong or light I want my cup to be I choose the ounce amount. I love the smooth flavor and the hot temperature that I find in each and every cup. Compared to other single serve brewers that I have tried the iCoffee OPUS™ beats them all. When I opened the box it came in I noticed how securely packed it was. 


I also really like that the the iCoffee OPUS™ Single Serve Brewer has a water reservoir that holds 75 ounces. This water reservoir is removable to make filling and cleaning easy. The drip tray is also removable which is great for cleaning but mostly because this way I can brew into bigger travel mugs.  I also really like that this single serve brewer is compatible with every K-Cup®, OneCup™, RealCup™ capsule, and all private label cups**. Included in the package was a reusable cup so that I can also use my favorite ground coffee and a starter pack with 6 different flavors. 


With all that the iCoffee OPUS™ Single Serve Brewer brings, how it works and the flavor it gives my coffee, it is the best single serve brewer I have tried! So head on over to the iCoffee Website to see all the different brewers they offer and where you can conveniently purchase it. With the holidays quickly approaching, this would make a fabulous gift! Don’t forget to socialize with iCoffee on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Also come back on September 1st for a chance to win an iCoffee OPUS™ Single Serve Brewer for yourself.

Rise and Shine! iCoffee offers coffee lovers the freedom of using any single-serve k-cups and, thanks to SpinBrew™ Technology, enjoy premium quality taste without having to sacrifice the convenience (or speed) of a hot single-serve cup of coffee. At the end of the day, opt for decaf grounds and enjoy a smooth nightcap with friends before hitting the sheets.

Feeling under the weather? Add cinnamon or another spice of your choice to iCoffee’s iCup, an eco friendly reusable k-cup, and curl up under a blanket as you recover. Non coffee drinkers can also use fresh mint leaves or ginger to make a morning cup of tea that will give them energy for the day ahead.

Can’t forget the kiddoes. Kids love this sweet treat: with iCoffee, use the k-cup of your choice to create a delectable mug of hot chocolate every time. It’s the perfect way to spend some quality time as a family after a long day playing in crisp fall leaves or trick-or-treating.

Each iCoffee single serve model is equipped with Burrows’ patented SpinBrew™ Technology that lets users brew their favorite flavors for an impossibly smooth cup of coffee without sacrificing convenience. iCoffee single serve brewers also accept all reusable, biodegradable and recyclable k-cup options, unlike other single serve brewers which accept only brand-name, non-recyclable k-cups.



  1. katherine

    I need a new coffee maker and I am researching what is the best one to buy. Thanks for the information. This will be on my list to check out.


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