Premium Bamboo Cutting Board Review

practico-bamboo-cutting-boardLarge Premium Bamboo Cutting Board by Practico Kitchen


I love to cook and I love having the best when it comes to kitchen products. That’s why when Practico Kitchen asked me if I’d like to try out their Premium Bamboo Cutting Board I was excited. When it arrived I was happy to see how big it is! The description says large but this board is bigger than I thought, which is great.


I also really like the juice groove. I can pass whatever I need to carve right on the board to the table and not have to worry about getting any juices on the table. I also love the presentation it gives. It’s a very high quality  and sturdy bamboo cutting board. The design and craftsmanship is great. It is also a really nice thickness. Thicker than other bamboo cutting boards I’ve seen. If you do a lot of cooking and you do a fair amount of chopping you will definitely appreciate the quality of this board. It adds the perfect touch to any kitchen. I keep mine out on the counter and it really stands out. I feel like such a pro. This Bamboo Cutting Board from Practico Kitchen would also make a great gift!

You can purchase the Practico Kitchen Premium Bamboo Cutting Board on Amazon.

Product Description

Stop Wasting Time Looking for the Best Cutting Board

With all the choices out there for cutting boards or chopping boards it’s hard to figure what’s good and what isn’t.

You probably have had issues with cutting boards that warp, split, or break only after a few times of use.

With Pratico Kitchen’s extra large cutting board you need not worry.

Here’s why you should start using Pratico Kitchen’s bamboo chopping board:

Premium Construction and Bamboo: Professionally manufactured and made from 100% premium Moso bamboo ensures many years of use
Large & Lightweight Measures 18 in x 12 in x 3/4 in and weighs 3 lbs making it easy to use, store, and transport
Durable & Safe on Knives Bamboo is stronger than traditional hardwood cutting boards and is gentle on knives
Great for food safety Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial and because it is less porous it prevents food and bacteria from forming
No Messes Features extra large juice and drip groove which keeps fruit, meat, and vegetable juices on the board and not on your countertops
Versatile Reversible surfaces allows you to use a chopping block, epicurean cutting board, cheeseboard, or breadboard
Easy to Clean and Maintain Wash with warm water and soap and air dry. Periodically rub with mineral oil to prolong life
Lifetime no-hassle warranty If anything happens to your cutting board let us know and we will replace it

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  1. Karen Nadeau

    This sounds like a great cutting board. I currently have a plastic one and it is just about to go out the door. I think I will go with wood next.


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