My New Found Love For Maple Syrup! #ILoveMaple


Delicious Maple Recipes Have Given Me A New Found Love For Maple Syrup!



I have always loved Maple Syrup. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the NorthEast but pancakes are not pancakes if they don’t have maple syrup. Now the only other thing I had used maple syrup for (other than pancakes) is to drizzle it over ice cream. It wasn’t until I was asked by Canada Maple Syrup to share a few amazing cocktail recipes with you that I realized maple syrup could be used for so much more! I gotta tell you from the recipes they sent, the first one that caught my eye was the Maple Iced Tea. I am a huge ice tea drinker especially in the summer, so this was one recipe I couldn’t wait to try. I have also started putting maple syrup in my coffee as a sweetener. I love the amazing flavor this pure maple syrup gives my coffee! My boys have also started using maple syrup as a treat, I put it in milk and they have Maple Milk. I am going to have to order more of this fabulous maple syrup because I’m using it in so many dishes and drinks! Here are a few Maple Syrup Cocktail Recipes.




Pure Canada Maple has the perfect maple-infused cocktail for you. Find out your best boozy beverage match by playing this fun and interactive maple cocktail game from our friends up North, and you’ll be paired with one of 40 refreshing cocktails. And don’t forget to connect with them socially on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.


  1. Lauryn R

    Wow I love maple syrup too, but had no idea that there were so many things to do with it! The Maple Milk sounds interesting and delicious, I bet my kids would love it too.

  2. Jerry Marquardt

    I am ready to try out some of the ideas that you came up with in your recipe. Thanks for the new ideas.


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