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Best Joke Book For Kids by Peter MacDonald


My boys love jokes. But now a days it’s hard to find good clean jokes. So when I heard about Peter MacDonald’s book The Best Joke Book For Kids. With so much inappropriateness in the world, I am happy that this is a good clean funny book.  My boys found this book to be hilarious. It kept them busy and laughing for hours. We all had so much fun with this book. The boys gave it their seal of approval and this joke book got 3 thumbs up. It’s a great read that we highly recommend. Peter MacDonald has also written Best Knock Knock Jokes For Kids, Tongue Twisters For Kids and Best Brain Teasers For Kids.


You can get Peter MacDonald’s Best Joke Book For Kids on Amazon.

Product Description

Don’t You Just Love the Sound Of Children Laughing!Best Joke Book For Kids Is the First in a series of Joke books For Kids

Best Joke Book For Kids   Guarantees Good Clean Jokes 
Have you ever downloaded a so called kids Joke books only to find the Jokes are not as pure and Innocent as you expected. Peter MacDonald has taken the time to make sure you don’t have that experience.
Invest in this book and you will have a load of Good Clean Fun with your Kids.Jokes Based on Themes

Best Joke Book for Kids is a book of short jokes, that are guaranteed age appropriate. Funny jokes, Knock Knock jokes, the Best Kids Jokes. We Have Cow, Dog and Cat Jokes. Color jokes, Crazy and Corny Jokes. Animal Jokes, but most of all pretty good clean jokes.

Stimulating For Children’s BrainsBest Joke Book for Kids is styled for as children grow older they find certain jokes less and less funny. This means you have to come up with age appropriate jokes to keep them entertained. Jokes are more than just for laughs. They also stimulate thought and educate. That does not mean you go stiff on the kids, far from it. You want jokes that are funny, corny and have some substance. Usually the really good jokes will give even you the tickles.

Kids jokes, with over 200 funny jokes, this will keep the kids, and adult laughing for some time.

What a great idea for Birthdays and Christmas for boys and Girls.

Best Joke Book For Kids is Illustrated in Full Colour

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  1. Sandra Watts

    My son is always running around telling jokes. He is stuck on yomama jokes which I must admit I am not real fond of.


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