Shower Genius Idea Board Review #showerideaboard


Wet Dry Erase Shower Board Waterproof Notepad


The Shower Genius Idea Board is a really great idea! As soon as I received it I tried it out. This is a clear dry erase board that is waterproof, it comes with 5 suction cups, a self sharpening pencil and a microfiber towel. Even with the 5 suction cups I couldn’t get it to stick to my shower (maybe because it’s not tile). But that didn’t stop the fun. I was able to hang it on my mirror and on the refrigerator.


It’s a great place to jot down things the moment I think of them without having to run to look for my planner first. The pencil is great, it wipes off easily and is easy to sharpen by pulling the string and it shaves off to a point. I love the idea that it brings some silly entertainment in the shower. I also really like that you can also clean the board with a baby wipe. And this is also fun for kids, my boys love to doodle on it! This is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it.


You can buy this fun Shower Genius Idea Board on Amazon.

Product Description

  • HIGHEST RATED DRY ERASE SHOWER IDEA BOARD: Our design, polymer hooks, and advanced wet dry erase technology leads the way in customer satisfaction.
    WET DRY NANOTECHNOLOGY – Our one of a kind technology is infused directly into the writing surface of the all weather message board to write boldly in the shower or under the ocean, leaving you free to focus on solving the problems of the world… or doodling.
    NEW MODERN DESIGN! – OPTIMAL VIEWING – Our improved modern design was voted on by of customers just like you. The new Shower Idea Board has added width and height to match the shape and size of a notebook, making the best use of space in any shower. Plus it’s DETACHABLE and ideal for home or travel use.
    Great for Long Shower Takers who are thinkers, Families on the Go, Boaters, Executives, Artists, Designers, and Doodlers, College Students, and Mad Scientists. No More Great Ideas Down the Drain!

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