Meet Lulu Coloring Pack #PaintingLulu


Meet Lulu Paper-to-Digital Coloring Pack – Coloring Book, Crayon Stylus & Coloring App.


My boys are big fans of coloring apps and coloring in general. So we were very excited when we received the Meet Lulu Paper-to-Digital Coloring Pack. They loved being able to color in the coloring book. Once I downloaded the Painting Lulu app on our tablet that’s when their excitement really grew. It was great to see their faces light up in awe when they realized that what they started in the coloring book could be finished on the app. And the stylus that came with it is a big plus. We have previously reviewed the stylus you can read that review here. Since we have multiple tablets that we downloaded the app to, it was nice to have that extra stylus. There are a few things that bothered my 8 & 10 yr old. For example they have not been able to print any of their artwork. We click on the “print icon” and it does say that it’s “loading…” but it just never loads. Also it would be great if they were able to save their artwork. The app brings 3 books, however 2 of the 3 are locked. This was disappointing to my boys. There is also a music icon at the top on the screen, but even when clicked there is no sound on the app. Aside from these minor issues my boys are having so much fun with the app and the coloring book. This really keeps them entertained for hours! Overall we think this is a great product and great for any child. We would recommend it to our friends and family.

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Product Description

An all-in-one coloring pack that lets kids color seamlessly between paper and digital devices while developing creativity and fine motor skills. 
This special all-in-one Coloring Pack includes
1) Physical Coloring Book: 32-pages made of 100% recycled paper. Over 10 different characters!
2) Crayon Stylus: Fun “crayon-like” experience – enhance any drawing and coloring on touch screens
3) Coloring App: Digital version of all our coloring books plus 1-click sharing with Mom & Dad.
How Does It Work?
Start by coloring on our physical coloring books. Then scan the QR Code on the top of the page to continue coloring on an electronic device like an iPad or Kindle.
In addition, your child can easily scan the full page with the Painting Lulu App which will display a digital version of his coloring page on your mobile device. It comes with a cute Digital Stylus that looks just like a crayon and color all year long.
– Great for inspiring creative expression and exploring color
– Get full access to the official Painting Lulu App – Perfect for travel and on-the-go
– Revolutionary patent pending technology, scan colored pages and watch it magically appear in the App!
– Free digital crayon stylus inside – The magic of color without the mess
– 100% recycled paper with 32 pages

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