Microzest Professional K Review #grater


Microzest Premium Grater & Zester – Professional K Review


You guys know how much I love to cook. Having a zester/grater in the kitchen is essential for any chef. So when I was offered the chance to review this zester/grater I took it. This zester/grater is amazing, I totally love it! It has a really big and thick handle, I feel very secure that my grip won’t slip. And it’s super sharp, it works great on lemons and limes taking just the peel and not the pith. And chocolate well, let’s just say that we no longer buy chocolate sprinkles in this house. We simply grate chocolate over our ice cream. I also really like the hole in the handle, it makes it easy to hang. And the price is a steal for a product this good.

You can buy this amazing Micro Zester on Amazon.

Product Description

The Chef’s Way Microzest Grater-Zester’s design is based on
a small woodworking tool to make wood shavings, and because
the grating edges are so sharp, it’s easy to finely grate or zest
wide variety of ingredients.

This useful tool releases tiny bursts of concentrated flavour for your food.
With the Microzest Grater-Zester, even non-chefs can create delectable dishes!

✓ Quality High Grade Stainless Steel
✓ Comfortable Non-Slip Grip
✓ Super Sharp, Safe and Durable Grating Edges
✓ Rubber Blade Tips to Protect Your Working Surface

Here is The Tool That is Helping Chefs Worldwide To Easily Grate & Zest Anything
The precision sharp fine grating edges will allow you to grate & zest: cheese, lemon, citrus, ginger, garlic, onions, nutmeg, cinnamon, chocolate and much more.

Easy to Use, Built to Last
✓ Designed for Daily Use, Strong & Durable
✓ Dishwasher Safe & Easy to Clean
✓ Blade Cover for Safe Storage Included
✓ Included with Every Purchase – Chef’s Way Grater-Zester online e-guide – tips, tricks and recipes to improve your experience with your new gadget

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