Bamboo Storage Tray Review #FulmarBambootray


Fulmar expandable bamboo cutlery and flatware storage tray with knife block.


This expandable bamboo organizer really surprised me with the quality and elegant design! It is much nicer than I expected it to be. It is a great big size and then expands to make things even better! I am in love with this organizer and will be ordering a couple more for my other drawers!

You can get this great expandable bamboo storage tray on Amazon.

Product Description

This Organizer is made of natural and eco-friendly bamboo material. Bamboo is a self-generating natural resource and offers considerable benefits to the environment. This type of material should therefore be a premium choice for households. Among the benefits are its ecological contributions, such as soil stabilization and erosion prevention. Additionally, its replenishable nature allows for a ‘greener’ environment. This tray is also very durable and will last for a very long time. It measures 18.58 inches long, 16-22 inches wide and 2 inches high. Expandable sides measures 3 inches on either side.

It is ideal for neat and attractive organization of kitchen flatware, knives sets and other utensils. Along with the classic look and feel of this organizer, it also provides more efficient use of your kitchen drawers- organization does create additional storage space. Another great benefit is that your most needed utensils are more easily located when stored in an organized and structured manner.

This Bamboo utensil drawer organizer is a simple storage solution for organizing the most used kitchen flatware and prep tools. The expandable design allows for the tray to fit into most kitchen drawers quit easily. This feature therefore accommodates various utensil storage needs. The sections are: 6 flatware compartments, a 5-piece knife block and two expandable sides to provide additional utility storage spaces.

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