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Makeup Blender Latex Free Foundation Sponge Review


I was recently sent a Makeup Blender Sponge to review. I have always used only brushes or my fingers to apply foundation. But I was eager to try it out. The first time I tried it, I wet it so that I could get it to work properly. While using it to apply my foundation I noticed that it helped me blend my foundation smoothly and easily to create a flawless finish. Because of it’s gourd like shape, it fits in my hand comfortably. And let’s me define every curve of my face. The latex free material is easy to keep a grip on.


I also found it very easy to clean, all I needed was a little bit of my facial cleanser and water. Then just let it air dry.  I really like how dense, durable and sturdy it is as well. I really like it and because of the quality I know I will be able to use this sponge for some time.

You can get this great latex free makeup blender sponge on Amazon.

Product Description

Apply foundation flawlessly with a soft makeup sponge that will leave a smooth, even application. With its teardrop shape, sponge is easy to hold while providing both small and wide surface coverage. Eliminate streaks and allow even distribution of liquid and powder foundation every time.

  • Flawless Application of Liquid Foundation Makeup
    No Streaks, Even Distribution
    Use Pointed Side Around Nose and Eye Area
    Use Wide Side Around Chin, Face, and Forehead
    Easy to Clean

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