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Heck That’s Hot Monthly Subscription Box For people who love spicy and hot foods!


Both the hunny and I LOVE spicy food, although he likes his REALLY spicy. I think it was from all those years living in Mexico and Texas. I for one didn’t eat spicy anything until I moved to Texas and fell in love with the wonderful flavor that adding heat to a meal gives. So when we found out we were going to be receiving a box from Heck That’s Hot we were really excited! 

The long awaited day came and  I of course immediately opened the box as soon as we got it! Click Here to check out that video. 

Let me tell you a little about this monthly subscription box. The company is called Heck  That’s Hot, LLC.  They’re a monthly subscription company that deals with salsa, hot sauce and spicy snacks and foods.  their customers get a different box of products every month filled with some gourmet and some nationwide brands, just a big variety of products. They include things like chips, nuts, candy, dip mixes, pickles, BBQ sauce, hot wing sauce, salsa and hot sauce. All the items you receive will be spicy and some will be either habanero or jalapeno.  They will be in varying degrees from mild to XXX hot.  The boxes again go out monthly for one price, free shipping, and they recur unless the customer cancels his/her account. 

What I love is that they offer two different subscription plans:

1) Heck That’s Hot $30 Box : Is a subscription for those who like HOT and SPICY foods. Each box will have 7-8 products both from national brands to handcrafted local sellers or smaller vendors which could include salsa, hot sauce, chips, nuts, popcorn, etc. Anything and everything the company can find that his hot and spicy. Products will range from mildly spicy to ghost pepper hot with a good heat range in each monthly box. If you love spicy foods, you’ll love getting this monthly box!

2) Heck That’s Hot $20 Box: In this $20 monthly subscription box you will receive a jar of salsa, a bottle of hot sauce and then various other hot and spicy items. These items could include, but are not limited to: BBQ sauce, mustards, jellies or jams, popcorn, peanuts, pretzels, chips, etc. You will get approximately 5 items. Each month you will get different items. They try not to repeat an item, but they might repeat a brand.

Here’s what I received in the box:


This popcorn is seasoned just right, with a taste of the southwest. Heat Rating- Hot


As always, Lindt does an excellent job of blending it’s high quality chocolate with the subtle spice of chili peppers. It’s quality chocolate with a just a hint of spice. If you’re looking for a super spicy treat, you’ll be disappointed. It’s a chocolate bar not hot sauce. But it is sinfully delicious!!!!


This is one seriously HOT salsa! My hunny tried it because I was…well chicken. Heat Rating- FIRE


According to the package, spice levels of the jalapeño chips vary slightly from bag to bag. The flecks of jalapeño give the chips a spicy, tangy flavor that makes them taste like they’ve been pre-dunked in salsa (I think it’s because they also contain onion). Heat Rating- Mild


Having lived in Houston, TX I the Bravado Spice Co product. I hadn’t however tried this one. If you’re looking to step up your hot sauce game, this is the sauce for you. Heat Rating- Extra Hot


I haven’t had the chance to try this one but I’ve heard it’s great as a hot dip for appetizers! 


I love pickles on the side of my sandwiches and as a snack. This is a tricky one to rate because I thought it was HOT but very salty! Then again I don’t usually eat salty foods so maybe that’s why. My hunny thought it’s heat rating was medium and it was a little salty. So I guess I’ll rate it like this: If you really like heat then this will be medium, but it is very salty. 

All in all this is a GREAT subscription box in my opinion and is one that we will most likely be subscribing to. Especially since my hunny LOVES heat!!! I’m thinking to get him the subscription for father’s day. I’m also thinking about getting the subscription because I would love to share what we get with you month after month! 

You can get the Heck That’s Hot Monthly Subscription box on their website

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