USB Gooseneck Reading Lamp #booklight


USB Reading Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck


I recently had the opportunity to review this USB Reading Lamp from i2 Gear. This is a great little lamp that has flexible gooseneck. It’s perfect for me because I often work late and this is easy to shine light only where I need it without waking anyone else up. It fits my USB ports perfectly. I really like that it has two levels of brightness. The neck of the lamp is sturdy and holds whatever shape I need it in. It’s a perfect little lamp for me.


You can purchase this reading lamp on Amazon.

Product Description

  • FEATURES – Two extra bright LEDs with two steps of adjustable brightness via switch
    DESIGN – Flexible flex neck gooseneck arm will bring light to your favorite position. On/Off Switch
    COMPATIBILITY – Fits all devices with a Powered USB port: Laptops, Netbooks, PCs, Macs, USB Hubs and Wall chargers
    USE – Great for home, remote/travel, study or office use. No batteries needed – light is powered by USB line power.
    PORTABLE – Lightweight at 1oz. Made of durable plastic and metal materials.

Lumenate Reading Lamp
The Lumenate Reading Lamp is perfect for anyone who needs a little reading light now and then. Great for home, work, travel or recreation. The flex arm extends to shed light just where you need it!

This reliable light features a 12 inch gooseneck arm with 2 LED lights, On/Off switch and adjustable brightness settings. The sensitive quick touch light switch features three settings – On One Light | On Two Lights | Off

Designed with extra long flexible gooseneck you can direct light in any direction.

Fits all devices with a powered USB port: Laptops, Netbooks, PCs, Macs, USB Hubs and Wall chargers.

Can be used for home, computer lighting, study or office lighting.

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