Silicone Cooking Gloves #review

Premium Quality Silicone BBQ & Grill Gloves Heat Resistant Set


I was recently sent a pair of premium quality Silicone Gloves to review. I really like these gloves and think they’re perfect for kitchen and grill cooking. They fit nicely and aren’t too loose. I love that they’re a little longer on the wrist which is where I usually get burned. They are a nice red color . And I like that if I do get any food or sauce on them, they are easy to clean and quick to dry.

These Silicone Gloves are available for purchase on Amazon.

Product Description

#1 Quality BBQ and Grilling Gloves, Silicone Cooking, Oven Mitt, Kitchen and Barbecue Heat Resistant Gloves with Fingers RED-1 Set. Use like Baking Mitts, Freezer or Microwave Oven Glove, House Cleaning, Smoking Mittens and Grill Gloves. There are Multiple Uses for Those Heat Proof Gloves

1 pair of gloves for multiple uses in kitchen and for grilling, bbq or smokers.
How many times you want to mix hot food in oven and burn your front of the hand because you make fast movements? These cooking gloves take care that will never happen again and are designed to do even more: take out food from boiling water with five fingered glove, use it like dishwashing gloves, open tight jars with lids, freezer gloves or stove potholders. Benefits: light, flexible, durable and protective for your hands.

  •  – Heat resistant bbq gloves heat protection at max 400 Fahrenheit degrees for 15 seconds
     – Protect your hands from spill hot oil with 100% waterproof silicone bbq gloves, FDA approved
     – Grill gloves with 5 fingers are no-slip design to turn grilling hot meat by simply grab and move it
     – Medium large size 9.5 inches to 11 inches (measured 4 below writs and 7 from wrist to thumb). Perfect for  man and women with M / L sizes

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