2 in 1 Phone Stand and Wallet Review #havesomegoods

2-in-1 Stick-on Phone Stand and Wallet Review


I am really liking this silicone wallet/stand. I like that because it’s silicone you won’t have a hard time cleaning it. The adhesive stuck well to my phone and still seems to hold well. It does come off easily but it didn’t leave any residue on my phone. The stand held my Galaxy S5 well. I think it’s a great stand. You do have to mount it in the middle though or it won’t hold up your phone well. All in all this gets 4 stars from me.

Product Description

Looking for a slim cell phone kickstand plus a wallet stick to your smart device?

Looking no more, “HaveSome Goods” 2-in-1 Silicone Mobile Holder has the answer for you — It is a phone holder plus a wallet. Touch the middle piece, it will curl and become a kickstand for you to watch or make videos hand-free. When you are done, just touch the two ends, the middle piece will be flat and it’s just a wallet now. Many customers use them just for the sake of convenience.

Ladies, your “HaveSome Goods” 2-in-1 Silicone Mobile Holder will fit perfectly in your fancy handbag with your smart phone for your night out.

Guys, you may just decide no more bulky wallet needed.

Your “HaveSome Goods” 2-in-1 Silicone Mobile Holder is made from best silicone rubber and designed to last long time. In fact, if it doesn’t we’ll replace it free of charged, no questions asked.

After your order today if you need anything we’re only an email away. We’re a small family owned business and if you write to us we guarantee one of the owners will personally read and respond to your inquiry.

So order now and when you do consider getting more than one – these make great gifts to friends and family members.

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