Harry Potter Time Turner Twin Necklace Set #timeturner


Harry Potter Time Turner


I was disappointed with my Harry Potter Time Turner Twin Necklace Set.

Being a HUGE Harry Potter fan I was super excited to get to review this Time Turner twin necklace set. I love the look of this necklace and was really looking forward to receiving it. So I was very disappointed when I opened the padded envelope it came in and saw that they were broken.

Picture 719

The spinners were completely off and the hourglass was off as well. On the hourglass there were dots of glue which is too bad since it obviously didn’t work. 🙁

Picture 720


I tried contacting the seller on several occasions to no avail. Besides all those issues (which are enough to make me not want to buy it again or recommend it) the necklace itself has a nice silver tone to it and I imagine it would look beautiful if it hadn’t been broken.

Product Description

You can see the necklace here on Amazon if you’re interested.

  • Wizardry Jewelry Double Pack
  • Hour Glass Necklace
  • Spinning Symbol Necklace
  • Silver Plated
  • Chain Length: 23cm


  1. kimberleytobin

    It’s really too bad when you reach out to a seller to rectify the situation and they don’t respond. They probably could have sent you a new one and got a good review out of it because it looks so pretty in the picture!

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      I totally agree, Kim.


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