Easy day…gone wrong!

easy wrong


Today was supposed to be an easy day. The boys were supposed to have early dismissal and my hunny was supposed to be home. We were supposed to go out to lunch together and have a fun afternoon of bowling. So when did everything decide to go wrong? 

For starters we woke up late because of an update on my cell, the alarm no longer goes off if the phone is on silent. Aaron who is the middle one was crying that he didn’t want to go to school because his stomach hurt. If he hadn’t been in the fetal position with tears flooding his face, I would have thought twice about believing it. I gave him a heating pad and went to get Diego up. I woke him up, gave him his clothes and went to get his snack ready for school. Thank goodness Jose was home, so he took Diego to school. I got the coffee maker ready only to have it die on me. Yup…no coffee. Now how was I supposed to manage. I called Jose and told him there wasn’t going to be coffee, unless he made a run to Dunkin Donuts. 

I went to check on Aaron who was still in the same amount of pain. I asked him if he needed to go to the bathroom but he said no. I told him to try to sleep a bit more and to yell for me if he needed me. I then went to check on the baby, yes I know he’s still 3 but he will always be my baby. He was up and taking out all the clothes from his dresser looking for his favorite Paw Patrol shirt. Which of course was dirty because he wore it the day before. I convinced him to wear his Angry Birds shirt instead. I made oatmeal for him and Aaron to have for breakfast. Aaron was sleeping when I went back to check on him so I decided not to wake him. Jose made it back home with coffee and a muffin for him. I ate my Nutrisystem French Toast and coffee. 

Finished with coffee I decided to work a little on my reviews while Aaron slept. So as I turned on the computer and Matias turned on the tv we realised something was wrong. Not only was the cable out but the internet was down as well. After 20 min of being on the phone with the cable company (who also handles our internet) we were able to get a technician scheduled to come out at 3pm. 

Aaron woke up and said the pain was worse, so I called the pediatrician. They wanted to see him right away so we went to pick up Diego and headed in to their office. After being checked out the dr said it could be appendicitis. There were a lot of the symptoms but no all so it could be constipation too. He recommended I give him a suppository and wait to see if that made his pain better.  A while and a poo later the pain was still there but not as severe so the doctor said to wait until the morning to see how he felt. 

And here we are… now with internet and cable but still with pain. I just finished making dinner but I’m exhausted! So exhausted that I don’t even want to eat. Aaron is in bed sleeping and I’m here finally getting ready to work on some reviews. Although pictures will have to wait until the morning because my lighting stinks. 

Today was supposed to be an easy day…however everything went wrong. Thank goodness for wine and my blog. 


  1. Dorothy Boucher

    WOW!! so sorry for you terrible day… I am so glad its over for you ,, well for now.. sending prayers

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      Thank you Dorothy, your words mean a lot for me.


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