Ellore Femme Makeup Brushes, How I use them.

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Wondering how to use your Ellore femme Makeup Brushes? Well look no further.

Ok, so I have gotten a lot of comments on my Ellore Femme Makeup Brush Kit Review post asking how to use the brushes. So I set out to find the way they are meant to be used. However it seems that nowhere in the entire web is there a place to find out. Yes that means even on the actual Ellore Femme website. So I decided to make a post telling you how I use my Ellore femme Makeup Brush kit. I hope this post helps you in using your Ellore Femme Makeup Kit. Looking for a review on the brushes? Check out mine by Clicking Here

Let’s get started…



A – I use this brush to apply powder foundation, bronzer and blush. This brush always provides me with a perfect, natural finish every time.

B – This is my goto Gel Liner Brush.  This is a great brush option for precise application of gels, creams and liquid eyeliners. Even though this is a thin eyeliner brush, I use it to create fine or thick lines and it’s perfect for creating a nice wing. This brush cleans easily and it doesn’t have any stray hairs that render it useless. This brush is really good for me because I’m not great at applying eyeliner. With this brush I’m able to apply just the right amount of product and have full control over the look I’m going for.

C –  I use this brush to apply lipstick or lip gloss. I like to start at the center of my lips and blend the product out toward my lip line. To get a crisp finish, I use the tip of the brush to define the lip lines at the bows and corners. I have heard from friends that you can even break the rules, and use a lip brush with concealer to erase small spots, redness, and darkness on the complexion. Or even on the eyes, as a smudge brush, lash liner, or shadow applier. I wouldn’t recommend double-dipping though. Trust me you don’t want mouth germs on your eyes. 

D – I use this sponge tip to smudge and blend eyeliner and eyeshadow for a totally custom look. I also use it to create a dramatic smokey eye look. But it can also be used to just apply shadow.

E –  I use this to fan away product. So if your powdered makeup products (especially eye shadow) like mine leave flecks behind, a light swipe of the fan brush can easily wipe away the excess. I also use it to apply just a sheer touch of blush or bronzer on my cheeks. I have a heavy hand when it comes to blush/bronzer and this brush enables me to create a softer look. 

F – I use this as an eyeliner/brow brush. This brush helps me keep my look sharp and precise. A small, angled brush like this one enables me to define my brows with shadow. It also gives my eyes a more natural look by allowing me to line both my top and bottom lash lines with powdered or pressed shadows.

G – I use this brush to define and fill my brows for a beautifully symmetrical appearance. The bristles are stiff and angled for precise control. I can apply powder, liquid or cream in short strokes mimicking the hairs and filling sparse areas, shape and elongate for a perfect brow. 

H – This soft, full and rounded brush can be used for both compact powder and bronzer. The bristles pick up the perfect amount of colour and distribute flawlessly onto my skin. I load my brush with the powder and shake away any excess before sweeping onto my skin.


J – I use this brush to apply all over color to my eyes. This brush is short and brimming with bristles for excellent coverage. The soft bristles have a bevelled edge for a smooth application without ‘dragging’ the eyelid.

K – I use this brush to apply eyeliner to my eyes. I like it because it allows the eyeliner to be applied deep into the lash line for a richer and more distinct eye. I then gently brush upwards to soften and blend the line for a smokey eye.

L – This is a medium-sized brush that isn’t too large and I hear it’s preferably designed for dual use. What I like to do is take the belly or flat side of this brush and apply my powder, bronzer or blush. 

M – I use this as a blending brush because it helps my shadows mesh seamlessly for a natural effect. It’s perfect for achieving a dramatic smoky eye. I have also used it to apply loose powder to blemishes for added coverage. If you do this just make sure to clean the eye shadow pigment off of it first.

N – This brush works double-duty. I have used it to cover the entire lid with shadow, but mainly I use it to get into the nooks and crannies of my eye crease. I have also used the tip to apply shadow below my lower lashes. There have even been times that I have used this one to sweep on concealer. This is another one of my favorite brushes, who doesn’t like a brush that works hard?

O – I use this one as a concealer brush. This is a soft bristled, flat brush with a wider base and a pointed tip. I use to apply concealer under my eyes, to spots and to camouflage problem areas such as broken capillaries and my dark circles.

P – I use this as my foundation brush. This brush gives me a smooth and flawless finish, the bristles are tightly packed great for fluid application. What I do is to dampen the brush first in warm water and firmly squeeze the excess into a towel. This helps achieve a more even distribution. I also blend any brush strokes as I go with a damp wedge sponge.

Q – I love this brush because the soft, smooth fibers of this brush are gathered into a pencil-shaped tip. This brush is ideal for blending eyeliner into eyeshadow to create a smoky looking eye. I pretty much use it like a pencil for your makeup and used to draw precise lines on the lid, in the crease, or along the lashline. The combination of stiff (but not scratchy) fibers, pencil like tip, and small width make this brush the perfect tool for blending out liner and eyeshadow along the lashline, or darkening the outer v for a more dramatic look.

R – This a great small brush that can be used on the entire face, yet add softness to the eyelids. For a subtle, smokey eye, I use this fluff brush with it’s soft, rounded tip. It also works wonders for lifting excess product from the skin.


S – Normally this brush is used dry to comb through your lashes after applying mascara to remove clumps and excess, and give a more natural finish. I use a dry mascara wand to groom my eyebrows. When shaping, I use it to brush the hairs upwards and trim the excess for neatly groomed brows.

T – This is a thick bundled brush that I sometimes used both wet and dry. I love using this brush to buff mineral powder onto my skin for pure perfection. I apply the mineral powder in small circular motions for a flawless finish.

U – I keep this as a second eyeshadow brush.

V – This is another brush that is perfect for blending in your eye shadow along the crease of your lids.

W – I Use this brush to apply any type of eyeshadow. The bristles are just right for eyeshadow application.

X – This is a great multifunctional tool! I use the bristled brush to shape and groom my eyebrow hair into place, creating a volumized effect. It’s also useful for blending in previously applied brow color or prepping for gels. Now on the solid comb side: I use this comb to separate my lashes and remove mascara clumps after application. 

There you go ladies, this is how I use my Ellore Femme Makeup Brush Kit. I want to let you know that I am in no way a makeup artist so I apologize to all the makeup artists out there if I happen to use the brushes the wrong way. This is just what works for me and I hope that it may be of help for you. 🙂 

Leave any questions or comments below and I will respond to them. Thanks so much for reading.


  1. Cheyenne

    Hey there! I just purchased mine and loved at first site but then start digging more into the product and it comes from animal hair? My question is were animals harmed or unwilling when it came to this product? Please let me know ! Aebicheyenne@hotmail.com

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention. I have contacted the company to check. When they reply I will email you and post it here as well. 🙂

  2. Marlo

    Brush P…do you use powder or liquid foundation? I’ve used powder (Bare Minerals) for several years, and I am wanting to try their liquid version. I need to find a brush to use with it, though.

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      Hi Marlo, I use Brush P for liquid foundation and love it! I picks up a good amount and distributes it evenly. What I like the most about it is that the brush itself doesn’t absorb too much of the product. 🙂 Another great brush I use for liquid foundation is the Yalmeh foundation brush (http://amzn.to/1RzXdYD). I like the beveled shape it has because that makes it easy to use in the nose crease. I reviewed it back in 2014 and have been using it ever since (I’m on my 2nd one)! Here is the link to that post: http://mysillylittlegang.com/2014/12/05/yalmeh-foundation-brush-review-yalmeh/ Hope I’ve helped you. 🙂

  3. Whitley

    How long did it take for you to receive ur package? And did they ever send u an email ?

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      Hi Whitley, It did take about 6 weeks to receive the package. No I didn’t receive an email from them.


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