Zim’s Advanced & Max Skin Care Review

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Zim’s Advanced & Max Skin Care Review



A little over a month ago I was sent three Zim’s Naturally-Based Products to test. I like to take my time when it comes to testing anything related to health and beauty so that I may give you the best review I possibly can. First let me tell you a little about the company.

According to their website: Zim’s was started over 60 years ago by a pharmacist in Austintown, Ohio. It was started to help Local cement workers, who frequently visited the pharmacy, complaining of dry, cracked skin. The pharmacist saw a need, and began developing an all-natural, herbal-based liquid formula designed to help the cement workers. This formula became what was called “Cement Workers’ Lotion.” Cement Workers’ Lotion was sold locally after World War II, and it earned a strong and loyal following. After many years, the product was renamed Zim’s Crack Creme® and introduced on a national level. Zim’s® continues to offer exceptional naturally-based products from a small town in Ohio. Today, the Zim’s® brand has expanded to over 25 products ranging from lotions and cremes to pain relief gels and diabetic care items.

The first product I tested was the Zim’s Advanced Crack Creme:

Picture 114


It contains Aloe, Arnica, Hydrocortisone and is organic. As you can see in the picture above the Crack Creme is thick but not greasy. It has a nice scent to it like minty/clove and not to strong. The thing I liked was that the scent vanished quickly, and that the creme was absorbed into my skin rapidly. As I’ve mentioned before I suffer of Eczema on my hands and my little guy Aaron suffers from Eczema on his body. We both have been using it and it relieves the itchiness, redness and the cracking. We use it daily and haven’t had another occurrence since it smoothed and softened our skin. 

The second product is the Arnica Zim’s Max Roll-On:

Picture 113

This roll-on has Menthol as the active ingredient and also contains Arnica and Aloe. It’s scent is a mixture of the menthol and a licorice type scent. It’s scent was too strong for my liking but it does relieve pain and stiffness. After my work out I use it and it absorbs quickly and the scent disappears so it’s not too bad. I liked that as you can see in the picture above it goes on clear, and doesn’t leave a residue. 

The third product that I was lucky to test was Max-Freeze Continuous Spray:

Picture 112


This spray also contains Menthol as the active ingredient and Arnica and Aloe. It goes on clear and also absorbs quickly the scent is definitely menthol and I like that it’s not to strong. Five years ago I suffered a work injury in my left ankle, back and left arm that hasn’t completely healed. It is always giving me a lot of pain and thanks to this spray I have been able to finally get relief. 

I would definitely recommend the Zim’s line of products and would like to try more of what they have to offer. You can connect with Zim’s on their Website, Twitter, and Facebook where if you like their page you can get a $2.00 coupon!


Zim’s Naturally-Based Products are available on their Website:

Zim’s Advanced Crack Creme:

, Arnica Zim’s Max Roll-On:,

Max-Freeze Continuous Spray:

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