Easy Crochet Brimmed Sun Hat with Tutorial


Crochet Brimmed Sun Hat with Tutorial

crochet brimmed sun hat


I have a birthday coming up for a little girl that is very special to me. She’s my son’s god-sister and I totally adore her. Of course I love all things girlie, and since I wasn’t blessed with a daughter I don’t get to make or buy girlie things all that much. Fortunately I was blessed with my niece and with a few adopted nieces. 🙂 Since this little girl is very girlie (which I think is totally adorable!) I knew that for her birthday I wanted to give her something made with all the love I have for her. I decided I was going to crochet her a little summer beach outfit!

Part 1 of the summer beach outfit is this adorable brimmed sun hat. I wasn’t sure how to go about doing it since my crochet experience didn’t really go much further than a couple afghans and granny squares that I’ve made. While thinking about how I was going to do this I decided to go to YouTube for help. I mean you can learn to do anything on YouTube!

Part 2 of the gift is the Easy Crochet Little Girl’s Purse click here to see how it came out and it’s tutorial.  

Part 3 is the Easy Crochet: Halter Beach Cover Up click here to see how it came out and it’s tutorial.

I found the perfect tutorial on Ruby Stedman’s channel  for a crochet summer sun hat that I totally loved. She has great tutorials that are very easy to follow. I just did it in measurements for a child’s head (I used Matias as my model) and I added a crochet chain laced through the hat and tied it in a bow. This is so the birthday girl can tie it a little tight if she happens to be wearing it on a windy day.

Here is Ruby’s video for a Crochet Summer Sun Hat:

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