Our 2014 Visit to Story Land!

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Our 2014 Visit to Story Land!

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Our much awaited trip to Story Land finally happened this past Saturday! I have to start off by telling you that if you have children ages 10 or under and live in New England, this is definitely a place that you must visit! You’ll see why in a little bit. 

Story Land is located in Glen, New Hampshire nestled among the beautiful White Mountains. It’s an amusement park based around beloved storybook characters, Story Land is perfect for families with young children, I would highly recommend it for kids ages 10 and under. With amusement rides, shows, and small attractions, boys and girls have the opportunity to live within some of their favorite fairy tales. My favorite part about Story Land is that there truly is something for everyone, including water activities, roller coasters, and train rides.


(Photo courtesy of Story Land)

The boys were super excited to be going because it was somewhere totally new to them. I was excited because I have so many wonderful memories of my childhood there, and of course memories of taking my sister there too. (My sister and I are 14 years apart) My poor hunny was excited just to be able to go away somewhere and not have to work on a Saturday. When we arrived It looked like the parking lot was full but we easily found a parking spot to the left of the park and at a reasonable distance from the entrance. They also offered parking in a parking lot across the street for any visitors that were driving in a camper or motor home. There really weren’t any lines to get into the park we only had two families in front of us and there were two lanes open. 

As soon as we got into the park we had to visit the restrooms because Matias is still in diapers and we did have a 2 1/2 hour drive from MA. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Story land not only offers family restrooms (which have child size seats in addition to the regular toilet seat), they also have a Mama’s Room at every restroom for nursing and diaper changing. It’s a nice, quiet and clean room. 

The boys were very eager to start riding the rides and enjoyed looking at the park map to see where to go next.

checking the map

I was eager to see how much fun the boys would have being 3, 7, and 9. 

The first thing Diego and Matias wanted to go on was the Cuckoo Clockenspiel!

Cuckoo Clockenspiel

I absolutely loved seeing how much fun they had!

Next up was the Polar Coaster! Matias sat this one out because he wasn’t tall enough but Aaron & Diego went with daddy. Matias and I hung out on the observation deck and played in the igloo. Which was awesome to get out of the sun for a little while. 

A favorite for Matias and Aaron was the cow they got to milk. LOL It’s a statue of a cow and it had udders that the kids can milk and water will come out. 

cow milking

One of our favorite rides as a family was Splash Battle: Pharaoh’s Reign!


It’s a super fun ride that will help you beat the heat! You get to ride in boats that are equipped with water guns and you get to have a water battle with people who are shooting at you from outside the ride! It was a blast! 

Another place to beat the heat would be Story Land‘s Oceans of Fun Sprayground! It’s a super fun playground with lots of water spraying and misting everywhere. And also be sure to stop by the Dr. Geyser’s “Mini-Geysers” Matias had tons of fun guessing where the water would pop up from next. Right next to the Mini-Geysers is Dr. Geyser’s Remarkable Raft Ride. We went on it as a family and had the best time! 

afterRaft Ride

We also loved the cute safari tour.

safari tour

I absolutely loved how Story Land has placed several perfect photo props through out the park as you can tell.

For lunch we had a wonderful meal! I ate a slow simmered BBQ pork sandwich, my hunny ate a real Italian sausage, Diego had a peanut butter & jelly, Aaron and Matias both ate delicious Hebrew National Hot Dogs. When you go you definitely have to take advantage of the wonderful food they have through out the park. Especially since now they are also offering an Organic Selects menu! The new Organics Selects menu items all have USDA Organic Certification. 


(Photo courtesy of Story land)

Another one of my favorite things about Story Land is that the park was super clean, especially all the bathrooms. It was so nice that every single employee we interacted with was very friendly and seemed like they were enjoying their job.

I wasn’t able to take a picture of Story Land’s newest ride…


(Photo courtesy of Story Land)

because it was super fast, But we had a thrilling time on it! So much in fact that we each (except for Matias) went on it twice! I hope that after reading about our trip to Story Land you will take a visit there and have a great time!



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I hope you will join me in visiting Story Land for their 2014 Season which is sure to be a BLAST!

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Have you been to Story Land yet. what was your favorite part?



  1. bellavidaletty

    This looks like such a cute place to visit with children.

    1. Silvie (Post author)

      Thanks Letty, We had a great time. 🙂


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